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Graduate Courses

  • FMD 510 Luxury Fashion Brand Management 3(3-0) The course provides an in-depth understanding of the international luxury fashion industry and the unique aspects involved in managing luxury fashion brands.
  • FMD 545 Advanced Draping 3(0-6) Interpretation of innovative fashion designs developed through the draping on dress forms.
  • FMD 546 Experimental CAD for Apparel 3(2-2) Creative use of industry-specific CAD system as applied to standards prevalent in the manufacture of apparel. Emphasis on advanced portfolio development and presentation boards.
  • FMD 547 Functional Apparel Design 3(2-2) A systematic approach to apparel design integrating knowledge of the needs and functions of the wearer, the structural properties of textiles and apparel design.

  • FMD 550 Global Apparel Supply Chain Management 3(3-0) Global textile and apparel trading systems from the perspective of their operational issues, including global business process applications, apparel supply chain management and global logistics. This course may be offered in an online or hybrid format.
  • FMD 556 Advanced Visual Merchandising 3(1-3) Creative window and store interior display work. Use of 3D printing for prop and fixture design. Focus on portfolio development.
  • FMD 560 Apparel Product Development 3(2-2) Integration of merchandising and design functions through team-based and case-based study, and/or industry collaboration as a total process for successful apparel product development.

  • FMD 565 3D Printing and Fashion 3 (1-3) Creative exploration of 3D printing as a tool for fashion product innovation and development. Use of varied modeling software applications. This course may be offered in an online format. Prerequisite: FMD 346, or graduate standing
  • FMD 570 The Business and Design of European Fashion 3(Spec) A short term (three weeks) faculty led study abroad program examining the business and design of European fashion including haute couture.

  • FMD 604 Scholarship in Textiles and Clothing 3(3-0) Overview of research in textiles and clothing with emphasis on current future directions of the field.
  • FMD 608 Historical Fashion Studies 3(3-0) Advanced investigation of dress history within cultural, political, and economic contexts. Historiography for dress related scholarship.
  • FMD 635 Advanced Internship in Textiles and Apparel 1-6 (Spec) A structured internship experience that fosters the application of advanced technology and creative skills in a textile/apprel professional setting.
  • FMD 640 Anthropometrics and Apparel 3(3-2) Examination of human factors and their relationship to designed products. Quantification of body sizes and human variation using body-scanning technology.
  • FMD 641 Apparel Presentation Technology 3 (2-2) Software applications specific to apparel presentation in retail and virtual environments. Emphasis on creation of planograms for product display.
  • FMD 655 Textile Product Evaluation 3(2-2) Appropriate selection, use, and adaptation of standardized tests for textile product evaluation, familiarity with technological advances; and exploration of innovative use of textiles.
  • FMD 656 Apparel Retail Technology 3(3-0) In-depth study of the principal apparel retail technologies and systems currently being developed and used for internal retail management and for global supply chain management.
  • FMD 697/797 Special Topics in Apparel Merchandising & Design 1-15 (spec) Topics of special interest which are not normally included in existing courses.
  • FMD 790 Independent Study in Apparel Merchandising & Design 2-6(Spec) Student-initiated study in an area not covered in regular courses guided by faculty or faculty committee.
  • FMD 796 Creative Scholarship 1-6 (Spec) The design research, collection development, and defense of an acceptable creative scholarship on an approved topic.

  • FMD 798 Thesis 1-6 (Spec) The research, writing, and defense of an acceptable thesis on an approved topic.

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