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APDMT Courses

Master's Degree in Apparel Product Development
and Merchandising Technology

Foundational Courses (9 credit hours)

​FMD 604 (3)
​Scholarship in Textiles and Clothing

Plus the following courses, which are to be selected in consultation with advisor.
One graduate course (3) in Research Methods
One graduate course (3) in Statistics

Required Courses (12 credit hours)
Selected from the following in consultation with advisor:
​FMD 545 (3)
Introduction to Draping
​FMD 546 (3)
​Experimental CAD for Apparel
​FMD 547 (3)
​Functional Apparel Design
​FMD 550 (3)
​Textiles and Apparel in the Global Economy
​FMD 560 (3)
​Apparel Product Development
​FMD 570 (3)
​The Business and Design of European Fashion
​FMD 640 (3)
​Anthropometrics and Apparel
​FMD 641 (3)
​Apparel Presentation Technology
​FMD 655 (3)
​Textile Product Evaluation
​FMD 656 (3)
​Apparel Retail Technology
​FMD 790 (3)
​Independent Study

Supporting Coursework (6 credit hours)
Courses that support the student’s career objectives or research plans that are outside the Human Environmental Studies Department. Courses to be selected in consultation with advisor and may be selected from fields such as industrial engineering, health sciences, art, education, marketing, and management.

Thesis or Internship Options (6 credit hours)
Pick one of the following options in consultation with an advisor:
​FMD 798 (6)
​FMD 635 (6)
​Advanced Internship in Textiles and Apparel

Total credits in the APDMT program: 33 HRS
Course Descriptions

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