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Alum of the Month

Zachary Stoner

1. What year did you graduate? Zachary Stoner.jpg

            December 2016

2. Describe your current position and responsibilities?

W.R.K. Shop Assistant Designer for Vince Camuto


  • Trend Research
  • Development Management
  • Hand Illustration
  • C.A.D. Illustration
  • Collection Presentation & Assembly
  • Collection Management Organization
  • Technical Package Assembly
  • Sample Analysis
  • Design Development Fittings
  • Production Management
  • Client Communication & Visitation

3. Favorite memory or memories from your fashion studies at CMU?

As most alumni would say, Threads Student Run Fashion Show will always come to mind as a favorite memory from CMU’s fashion program. The opportunity to explore oneself as a creative, aids in the development on one’s confidence, skills and experience. Without this opportunity, a professional and creative voice would be minimally developed.

Additionally, the personal mentorships from the faculty members were and are highly valued. The faculty always took time to work with and accommodate to the needs of the students who yearned for further educational development. The relationships built through these in-depth interactions provided a collaborative and healthy environment, making educational achievement natural.

  4. What advice would you like to give FMD students regarding a future in the realm of fashion merchandising and design?

A career in fashion requires determination and hard work, as the industry is highly competitive. Compare the presentational quality of your work to that of the brand and company for which you are applying. This will provide a better idea of what is expected from the candidates and employees of that company. Similar to the ever-changing fashion industry, your portfolio should continue to change.  As a living representation of yourself, your portfolio should be updated continuously with relevant information and imagery.

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