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Employer Guidelines

The Interior Design internship is a learning program designed to reinforce the students' education through actual job experience and to allow the student to learn practical aspects of the interior design profession.

In order to make the interior design internship as meaningful as possible for the student, the following types of work experiences are suggested, where applicable, in your business/professional environment. The student will expect to observe or be supervised in these activities.

Suggested activities

    -Filing samples/catalogs
    -Updating price information

    -Writing letters

    -Preparing purchase orders

    -Developing workroom communications

    -Promoting craftsmen/workmen communications

    -Participating in client conferences

    -Measuring on-site

    -Scheduling projects
    -Contacting wholesale sources and representatives
    -Drafting or CAD
    -Space planning/furniture arranging

    -Developing color schemes

    -Locating product/service resources

    -Selecting materials and furnishings

    -Preparing sample/presentation boards

    -Estimating window treatments

    -Overseeing installations

    -Organizing client presentations

In addition, the student will be required to create learning objectives for the internship. Learning objectives are specific statements that say, "This is what I'm going to be able to do by the end of the internship to show that I am achieving my internship goals." This should be measurable.

Your cooperation in making this internship a worthwhile experience for the CMU interior design student is greatly appreciated and will be of lasting value.

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