Special Education Best Buddies program at Central Michigan University

Graduate Programs
​​​​​Special Education Graduate Programs
There are several programs for graduate study in the area of Special Education at Central Michigan University. These programs include a master's degree program and several other types of graduate programs.

Master of Arts in Special Education
A master's degree program, Master of Arts in Special Education, is available for students who have a Michigan Elementary or Secondary Provisional, Permanent, or Life certificate or special education endorsement, and want advanced study in special education. Within the electives on the master's degree​ program, a graduate student may decide to take courses toward an additional endorsement in the areas of cognitive impairment, emotional impairment, specific learning disability, or autism. Or a graduate student (in consultation with an advisor) may select other courses that would provide expertise in areas that would be beneficial for a special education teacher or teacher consultant. Click to learn more >>

Endorsement Programs​
There are four endorsement programs available. For students seeking their first graduate level special education endorsement, they may select from the Initial Emotional Impairment Endorsement or the Initial Cognitive Impairment Endorsement. Special education endorsements that are offered as an additional endorsement are the Emotional Impairment Endorsement, Cognitive Impairment Endorsement, Learning Disabilities Endorsement and the Autism Endorsement.​

Master Teacher Advisors
Dawn Decker, Ph.D.
Laura Frey, Ph.D.
Holly Hoffman, Ph.D.
Suzanne Shellady, Ph.D.
Jennifer Wirz, Ph.D.

Graduate Endorsement Advisors
​Advisor ​Endorsement
Suzanne Shellady, Ph.D. ​Autism
Dawn Decker, Ph.D.​ ​Cognitive Impairment
Laura Frey, Ph.D. ​Emotional Impairment
Holly Hoffman, Ph.D. ​​Learning Disabilities

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