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Graduate Programs
​​​​​Special Education Graduate Programs
There are several programs for graduate study in the area of Special Education at Central Michigan University. These programs include a master's degree program and several other types of graduate programs.

Master of Arts in Special Education
A master's degree program, Master of Arts in Special Education, is available for students who have a Michigan Elementary or Secondary Provisional, Permanent, or Life certificate or special education endorsement, and want advanced study in special education. Within the electives on the master's degree​ program, a graduate student may decide to take courses toward an additional endorsement in the areas of cognitive impairment, emotional impairment, specific learning disability, or autism. Or a graduate student (in consultation with an advisor) may select other courses that would provide expertise in areas that would be beneficial for a special education teacher or teacher consultant. Click to learn more >>

Endorsement Programs​
Initial​ Endorsement Programs:Additional Endorsement Programs:
Initial Cognitive ImpairmentAdditional Cognitive Impairment
Initial Emotional ImpairmentAdditional Emotional Impairment
​Learning Disabilities (currently on hiatus)
​Autism (currently on hiatus)
Master Teacher Advisors
Dawn Decker, Ph.D.
Laura Frey, Ph.D.
Holly Hoffman, Ph.D.
Suzanne Shellady, Ph.D.
Jennifer Wirz, Ph.D.

Graduate Endorsement Advisors
​Advisor ​Endorsement
Suzanne Shellady, Ph.D. ​Autism
Dawn Decker, Ph.D.​ ​Cognitive Impairment
Laura Frey, Ph.D. ​Emotional Impairment
Holly Hoffman, Ph.D. ​​Learning Disabilities

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