Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can submit a Pre-Student Teaching application?
Only a student who has been admitted to the Teacher Education programs with a G.P.A. of 2.7 or higher.

When do I fill out the paperwork for my Pre-Student Teaching placement?

If you are an elementary student, you will be notified to sign up for your Professional Education Sequence. During this sign up procedure you will also complete the placement application which can be found at ___.  Submit the placement application by the requested due date.

If you are a secondary student, once you have enrolled in your secondary pre-student teaching course, you will receive an e-mail via your CMU global ID providing you with instructions and a link to log onto the TEPD website you will also complete the placement application which can be found at ___.  Submit the placement application by the requested due date.

When do I find out which school I am assigned to?
Once your placement has been made by the Pre-Student Teaching office the information will be updated on your SI sheet.

Can I choose my own school for my assignment?
No, you may not choose your own school. However, if you commute to Mt. Pleasant, the Director/Coordinator will take suggestions in order to place you as close to your home as possible.

Can I do my fieldwork in my home school?

No, you may not do your pre-student teaching hours in your home school. Even if you have graduated many years prior to your experience you still cannot go back to your home school.

Can I contact a teacher on my own before my placement?
No, please do not contact the schools until you receive an announcement through Blackboard that it is okay to do so.

What if my schedule changed after I filled out my forms and I can’t make my assigned time for the fieldwork?
You are always welcome to rearrange your schedule with your host teacher once you have your placement. The host teacher has the final say on changes but most teachers are very accommodating to students. You will complete a Pre-Student Teaching Placement Verification assignment on Blackboard, and you can turn in your changes at that time. Day and time changes are sometimes made after you receive your placement information.

When and where do I turn in the required forms?
The Pre-Student Teaching Director/Coordinator will be coming to your on campus pre-student teaching class 4 times during the semester. The specific dates will be listed on Blackboard and on the TEPD website. You will be required to turn in all forms and evaluations at those class meetings. Any form not turned in at your class becomes your responsibility to bring to EHS 421.

What are journals/reflections and when are those required?
Focus journals/reflections ask questions that allow you to review your experience in the classroom and will be submitted on Blackboard. These are due to be entered onto Blackboard after each school visit.

What if I don’t get along with my host teacher or if I sense problems in the classroom?
If you are experiencing problems with your placement you should contact the Pre-Student Teaching Director/Coordinator immediately. At that time the Director/Coordinator will go over the concerns with you and make an assessment as to whether a new placement is needed. Always communicate early if you sense a problem or concern about your placement.

Who evaluates my classroom experience?
Your host teacher fills out two evaluations on your classroom performance. One is filled out after your 5th week in the classroom. The final evaluation is completed on your last visit. You will also have two lesson evaluations done by your host teacher, one after each lesson you present in the classroom. Each of these evaluations are to be submitted, to EHS 421, within one week from when the event being evaluated took place. Your faculty instructor will have forms and other requirements that coincide with your on campus pre-student teaching class. On some occasions the Pre-Student Teaching Director/Coordinator will be making visits to your host classroom.

What happens if I don’t finish my Pre-Student Teaching hours?

You must complete all requirements in order to be eligible to student teach. This includes field hours, forms, evaluations, requirements and a final grade from your university pre-student teaching instructor.

Can I go to my host classroom more than once a week?
Yes, you may go extra hours if you have time in your schedule and you have approval from your Host Teacher.  Should your experience be shorter than ten weeks, your CMU instructor and the Pre-Student Teaching office needs to be notified for approval.

What’s the best way to get in touch with the director/coordinator?
Email is the best way to contact director/coordinator; Jennifer Quick, Director / Sandra Koch, Coordinator  You can also set up an appointment by calling Kelly McDonald at 989-774-7662. 

I lost a form, what do I do?
Evaluation forms are available in EHS 421.

What if I am sick or I can’t make the day I am scheduled to be in the host school classroom?
If you are sick you must contact your host teacher and or host school by phone before your absence. The teacher is expecting you and usually plans activities with your availability in mind. Always get the school phone number and host teacher’s phone number on your first visit to your classroom.

If you know ahead of time that you are not available for your scheduled day discuss this with your host teacher and arrange a time to make up the hours.

I’m a little apprehensive about going into a school classroom. Can I prepare for this experience in some way?
New situations are not always easy, but the host teachers are very accepting and welcome your presence and help in the classroom. Enjoy this experience and let it be the first step in your career as a professional educator. Your method classes will help give you the needed skill set. Having a passion to teach and being a part of the lives of young people are the best prerequisites.

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