​Canberra, Australia 
Students choosing the Australia Student Teaching Experience will see different school organizations and methods of teaching subject matter, have an opportunity to along with people in unfamiliar situations. Such opportunities will help to develop tolerance and self-confidence. Students will  be living in a diverse environment for an extended period of time and, thus, experience learning in greater depth than a travel/study course.

Through the program students become prepared for changes in American culture and society that may likely take place during their lifetime and broaden their world view, while also becoming more marketable in the teaching profession. The international experience provides an added dimension to a student’s teaching background which interests prospective employers.

Excursions will be planned and are included in the cost of the program.

Applications: two applications are required.
  1. TEPD Student Teaching Application - Completed Online
  2. Global Student Teaching Application
For further information, please contact Denise Fisher at 989-774-4411 or e-mail For more information about the Canberra, Australia experience please contact Faculty Leader, Dr. Karen Edwards, at

Student Testimonial
In the middle of July, I attended a GSRP job fair. From the job fair, I got three interviews and multiple callbacks. The first question I was asked in each interview was about Australia. My time in Canberra, Australia was the biggest life changing experience I've ever had. I learned so much about not only the kind of teacher I want to be, but who I am as a person. I will cherish those memories and friendships for the rest of my life. 

Last week, I started my job as a GSRP teacher in the Lamphere school district – a dream come true!

Chelsea Anderson

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