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Co-Teaching Model

​​​​​The Center for Clinical Experiences supports the implementation of co-teaching in field experiences. Many Teacher Candidates have experience in co-teaching and have attended the foundational workshops sponsored by the Center for Clinical Experiences. The co-teaching strategies used in the CMU program are as follows: 

One Teach, One Observe

One teacher has primary instructional responsibility, while the other gathers specific observational information on students or the instructing teacher.
One Teach, One AssistOne teacher has primary instructional responsibility while the other assists students with their work, monitors behaviors, or corrects assignments.

Station TeachingThe co-teaching pair divides the instructional content into parts. Each teacher instructs one of the groups, groups then rotate or spend a designated amount of time at each station.

Parallel TeachingEach teacher instructs half of the students. The two teachers are addressing the same instructional material using the same teaching strategies.

Supplemental TeachingOne teacher works with students at their expected grade level, while the other teacher works with those students who need the information and or materials extended or remediated.

Alternative or 
Differentiated Teaching
Provides the opportunity for the teachers to teach the same instructional material using two different teaching strategies or approaches. The learning outcome is the same for all students however the avenue for getting there is different.

Team TeachingWell-planned, team-taught lessons exhibit an invisible flow of instruction with no prescribed division of authority. Both teachers are actively involved in the lesson and from a student's perspective, there is no clearly defined leader as both teachers share in the instruction, are free to interject information, and available to assist students and answer questions.

Adapted from St. Cloud State University Model


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