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Secondary Program

​​​Secondary Program

The Professional Education Sequence aims to provide teacher candidates with a foundation of understanding of teaching and learning approaches and strategies in a classroom setting.  As a secondary education student you will have your pre-student teaching component within your major content area. The secondary education pre-student teaching course will be taken after you have been admitted to the Teacher Education Program.  It is highly recommended that the pre-student teaching course be taken in conjunction with your content methods course. The goal is to ensure continuity in candidates’ presence in the school, allowing them to experience the development of teaching and learning over time, while providing support to the school and community.

Information regarding the application will be sent to their CMICH email account once candidates have enrolled in their pre-student teaching course.

The online Placement Application can be found at on your Student Information Sheet.  Your cooperating teacher will receive a packet of information that includes a copy of your application with responses to the essay questions and an explanation of their role in your Pre-Student Teaching Experience.  This is an opportunity for you to make a good first impression.

All placement information will be available on your Student Information Sheet. Instructions will be sent via the CMICH email account and Blackboard.

Pre-student teaching packets with required forms will be disbursed to you during the first week of your pre-student teaching class. Any questions or concerns you may have about your pre-student teaching experience can be addressed in your university class.

Secondary Pre-Student Teaching Classes: 
English Pre-Student Teaching (ENG 319)

All English majors and minors will receive their pre-student teaching experience in ENG 319.  This is the only pre-student teaching experience that does not go through the Pre-Student Field Experience office.

Once enrolled in ENG 319, your university profession along with the Pre-Student Teaching Director and the Clinical Experiences Coordinator will have all information and placement materials at your first course meeting on campus.  There is additional pre-student teaching information available on Blackboard at the start of the semester.  Placements will be arranged around the Mount Pleasant, MI area.

Further questions can be answered by Dr. Elizabeth Brockman in the English Department or Jennifer Quick in the Center for Clinical Experiences office. For a list of the Pre-St​udent Teaching secondary content courses please click here.


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