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Teacher Candidate Conference


​​​​​​​Teacher Candidate Conference
October 13, 2017


8:30-9:00am          Registration Check-in - 1st Floor Education Building 

9:00-9:45am          Breakout Session

10:00-10:45am       Breakout Session

11:00am-12:00pm   Panel Discussion - French Auditorium

12:00-1:00pm          Lunch and Expo - 1st Floor Education Building

1:00-2:15pm             Interviewing 101 - Mock Interview Sessions

2:15-2:30pm            Break

2:30-3:45pm           Methods Content Sessions Centered on Assessment

3:50-4:00pm          Closing of Conference - French Auditorium

The following vendors will be available at in the morning through lunch to provide information and answer any questions:

PCMI: Laurie Crane

PCMI is an educational contracting company providing staffing solutions, including substitute teachers and support staff, for school districts and ISDs.

CMU Bookstore: Meren Cucksey

The CMU Bookstore will be available to Pre-Order your Cap & Gown.  You will be able to receive Grad Fair pricing ($10 off) and free shipping.

EDU Staff: Fawn Jackson

EDUStaff is a third-party staffing agency specializing in the employment of substitute school employees for Michigan's K-12 public schools.

Career Services: Chelsea Von Pagels

Our mission is to assist students and alumni in their career development and decision-making and aid in their acquisition of internships and positions of employment. We offer various programs to assist with application material development, professional dress, networking and building your brand, visit to learn more!

Registrar's Office: Sara Potter

Students who are graduating Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, and Summa Cum Laude can obtain their honor cord or medallion at this table. The cord or medallion can be worn at the commencement ceremony. If not participating in the ceremony, students should still obtain their honor cord or medallions at this table

Center for Student Services: Sarah Venman

Students can obtain information about the teacher certification process including initial provisional teaching certificate requirements, application instructions, and certificate renewal information.

Breakout Session Schedule

 9:00-9:45am and 10:00-10:45am

Adding to your Teacher Toolbox: Utilizing Differentiated Instruction - Jillian Davidson, Coordinator of Clinical Experiences (EHS 129) This interactive session will explore what differentiation is, what differentiation is not, and why all teachers should be differentiating. Attendees will leave with ideas on how to differentiate classroom content, processes, and products to meet the needs of students.

Inclusion and Peer to Peer in Mt. Pleasant Public Schools - David O'Toole and Melissa Ferry, Teachers, Mt. Pleasant Public Schools (EHS 309) In this session you will hear how Mt. Pleasant public schools, specifically Ganiard Elementary, implement inclusion with their special education population. They will also discuss their success with Links, the peer to peer and disability awareness program.

What's Trending in Special Education? - Stefanie House and Kelly Merrihew, Directors of Special Education, Mount Pleasant Public Schools (EHS 311)  In this session you will hear veteran practitioners discuss current hot topics in the field of special education and share from their wealth of experiences. This is a great session for all teachers looking to expand their knowledge base around best-practices in special education.  

What you need to know about the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification - Dr. Tamara Hullender, Director of Professional Readiness (EHS 328) Not sure what is tested on the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification for your discipline?  In this session, candidates will gain an understanding of the objectives of their specific MTTC, how to prepare for the MTTC, and how they will be scored.

Teacher apps, websites, tips and tricks of teaching- Eric Beckman, Teacher, Mount Pleasant High School (EHS 230) Interested in gaining new tricks of the trade? This session will feature a demonstration of a variety of applications and programs that will make your life in the teaching profession easier.  The presenter will model both technology and technology free methods for dealing with daily classroom issues.  

Classroom Management - Jennifer Quick, Principal, Beaverton High School (EHS 231) Building your classroom on relationships, respect and responsibility. Come learn the REAL 3r's of teaching. Additional strategies are also included for students with special needs and students living in poverty.  

Technology you can use with your students on Monday (Elementary Student Teacher Focused) -  Jennifer Weible, Faculty, Teacher Education and Professional Development (EHS 215) Technology is used by teachers and students alike in education today.  Both use computers, tablets, and mobile devices inside the classroom and out to support student learning. We will examine ways that technology can be used for communication, collaboration, creativity, and assessment. Examples, links, handouts, and interactive demonstrations will be provided.  

The Truth Behind Montessori: The Oldest New Age "Fad" in Education - Erin LaFerier, CMU graduate, Teacher, Okemos Public Montessori School (EHS 117)  Come learn more about Montessori education- a philosophy that challenged the way most thought about education 110 years ago and continues today!  We will discuss Montessori's history, key fundamental beliefs of the system, and its methods as compared to the more common traditional classroom and curriculum. We will also explore the idea that those in "educational power" continue to lead teachers to adopt the constructivist methods of Dr. Maria Montessori. Gain an understanding of how practices revolutionized in 1907 (differentiated instruction, alternate seating, shorter direct instruction, quality manipulatives, and allowing choice) can be adapted to revolutionize your new classroom today! 

Interviewing  101 - Mock Interview Sessions with Local School Principals  

1:00-2:15 pm

Gain firsthand experience to the interview process by observing your peers as they engage in mock interviews.

Attend the session according to your certification and last name:

Elementary                                                     Secondary

Last Name:  A-C                EHS 215               Last Name:  A-E                EHS 117

Last Name:  D-J                 EHS 230              Last Name:  F-L                EHS 213

Last Name   K-P                EHS 231               Last Name: M-S                EHS 309

Last Name:  Q-Z               EHS 232              Last Name: T-Z                  EHS 311

Methods Content Sessions:

2:30-3:45 pm

Content AreaPresentersRoom
Elementary EducationErin LaFerier
Special EducationDavid O' Tool  & Melissa Ferry

Geography, History, Political Science, & Social Studies

Mike Federspiel 215
English & ReadingAmy Ford230


Ashley Allen

Science & Mathematics
Deb Linton & Anthony Feig

PE & Health SciencesRay Allen231

World Language & Art
Erin LaFerier

 Conference Notes

Conference Check-in:
Students will be checked in at the beginning of the conference and at each breakout session.


Student and University Coordinators should plan to park in Lots 22 and 43.  You do not need a parking pass for these two areas.  All other areas will be ticketed. 

Students should plan to wear business casual for the conference. 

A variety of items to make a salad, nachos or a taco salad.

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