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Patrick G. Kinnicutt

Dr. Patrick Kinnicutt is a professor of science informatics and chairperson in the Department of Computer Science at CMU. Dr. Kinnicutt works with the multidisciplinary team of researchers in the Center for Merchandising and Design Technology (CMDT), collaborating on projects and assisting with technological issues, data analysis, computer modeling, grant writing and literature reviewing. Dr. Kinnicutt has been involved in several multidisciplinary projects with a research focus on data acquisition, data analysis, computer modeling, signal processing and data mining.

Current research projects include the use of Open BCI EEG headgear to control a virtual hand using brain-to-computer interface, and the development of a searchable music metadata archive in collaboration with WCMU. Dr. Kinnicutt currently serves as the Chairperson of Computer Science at CMU, where he is working with faculty members to strengthen the computer science and information technology programs through course development and curriculum updates. Dr. Kinnicutt enjoys educating students and collaborating with research and industry studies to solve real world problems.

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