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​​​​​​Towards mass customization: 
Thermal profiling of the human torso

This three year research project is currently underway to: 

  • To use this information to develop a body mapping process that will guide the development of a customized "second skin" (garment) to facilitate thermal transfer in different environmental conditions and levels of activity 
  • To build a database of thermal images of the human torso that will allow for mass customization of individualized garments.
  • Evaluate next-to-skin (NTS) fabrics on the human body under different environmental conditions and levels of activity

  • ​Examination of the microclimate
    This research project allows investigators to visualize the microclimate and measure the heat transfer across the microclimate with the aid of an infrared imaging system. In addition, realistic and sophisticated computer simulations of the heat flow across the microclimate will be performed by combining the surface mesh data generated by the body scanner with a commercially available finite element analysis software package. The results of this research will be translated into apparel design features that will enhance thermal comfort for the wearer by facilitating heat exchange in the precise areas where it is needed. The results have implications for a multitude of applications for military personnel and industrial workers, athletes and others who work or play in environments that take them out of the thermo-neutral zone.

    Body scan analysis for virtual fit models and visualization
    This research project is using body scanning technology to create virtual fit models that would allow customers to view their own 3D image (not a model that is currently used on many websites), and to visualize product on a virtual twin rotating 360 degrees so product can be see from all sides. Virtual systems that can realistically represent apparel in 3-D and indicate areas of "fit" would allow consumers to better visualize product while shopping online.
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