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CMDT Technologies

​​Technology is an important component of design and product development. Our technologies are not hidden away in a laboratory; they are shared with faculty, students and industry partners, with whom we work on a contractual basis.  Accessibility of our technologies is an important component of CMDT.

Makerbot Z18 3D Replicator
The Makerbot 3D printer creates realistic prototypes and models for demonstrations and presentations with detailed, 100-micron resolution. Finished products have smooth-to-the-touch surfaces that don't need sanding, finishing, or post-production. The 3D printer is located in Wightman Hall.

Human Solutions VITUS XXL/smart 3D body scanner
The scanner collects 300,000 digital data points from each scanned subject within 15 seconds, creating a virtual image of the scanned subject and over 120 different body measurements. Scanworx, the accompanying software, allows the user to modify the scan, separating the body into pieces (wrist to elbow, for example) as a separate scan or triangle mesh. The scanner is housed in a custom booth structure, complete with a private changing area.The body scanner is located in the Engineering building.

FLIR Systems ThermoVision A20M infrared imaging system
The infrared imaging system includes two A20M cameras and data acquisition/analysis software. The camera captures 19,000 picture elements that can be accessed independently to measure temperature. In addition, the software provides for video streaming, allowing for real-time analysis. The unit is mobile.

Thermotron Associated Environmental Systems Walk-in Room Model Environmental Chamber
The environmental chamber has a temperature range of -20 F to +180F and a humidity range of 20% to 95% +/-5% RH.   The unit has internal working dimensions of 6'D x 11.5'W x 10'H; more than enough room to accommodate a piece of exercise equipment, a subject, researcher and thermal camera. It is housed in the Engineering Building.

Wireless Physiological Monitoring and Biofeedback System (Stens Corporation)
Developed in 2004, Nexus generation biofeedback system, with a Wireless Bluetooth based monitoring biofeedback and neuro-feedback system, has high precision sensor technology that provides the ability to measure EMG, EEG, EOG and ECG as well as skin temperature, respiration, heart rate and skin conductance. The unit is mobile.

Sweating Thermal Manikin (Measurement Technology Northwest)
This customized Newton manikin system has 46 independently controlled zones for better experimental control in modeling spatially varying thermal patterns of the human body. Twelve additional zones were added to the torso to allow for precise temperature and humidity measurements and to model the spatially varying distribution of temperature among different subjects, both male and female. The manikin enables the researchers to obtain data related to wet/dry heat loss. The Newton Manikin is located in the Engineering building.

Sweating Guarded Hotplate (Measurement Technology Northwest)
Often referred to as the "skin model", the Sweating Guarded Hotplate produces accurate, repeatable measurements of the thermal resistance and vapor permeability of textiles. The system has been designed in accordance with ISO 11092 and ASTM F1868. An adjustable height airflow hood easily accommodates a variety of sample thicknesses. This 4th generation design includes a PC computer with the ThermDAC automatic control and data logging system. The 8” hotplate is well suited for testing heat and moisture flow through individual fabric swatches, finishes and constructions in a controlled, repeatable environment. The Sweating Guarded Hotplate is located in the Engineering Building.

This lab utilizes industry standardized software including: CAD design and technical design software, 3D visualization software, a product data management system, color matching software, and a variety of web creation software. In addition, it houses a 60" large format color plotter capable of plotting on paper as well as textiles. The CAD lab is located in Wightman Hall.

Apparel Production Laboratory
This lab contains the equipment necessary for apparel design, functional design, pattern making, construction, fit evaluation, garment quality and construction analysis.   This lab is located in Wightman Hall.

Textile Testing Laboratory
The Apparel Merchandising and Design program maintains a textile testing laboratory in Wightman Hall that provides students and faculty with a variety of textile testing equipment, including several pieces of ASTM and AATCC standardized equipment for performance testing. An environmental chamber ensures that all testing is done under proper environmental conditions.

Motion Capture Room
The Health Professions building houses a virtual reality chamber that is available for use.   In addition to a body suit, the motion capture room also contains a set of gloves to perform haptic virtual reality.

The Health Professions building houses a Geowall that is available for use.  The Geowall enables images to be viewed in a 3-D virtual environment, allowing viewers to visualize the 3-D scanned images from various angles and perspectives in an immersive environment.  

Laboratory and Research Space
The body scanner and environmental chamber are housed in the thermo-fluids laboratory in the Engineering and Technology building located on the Central Michigan University campus. The laboratory has ample room to accommodate equipment, changing rooms, computers and research and teaching space for faculty and students.  

Multimedia Lab
The Computer Science Department houses a multimedia computer lab. This lab contains 40 PC desktops with various Macromedia software products (Flash, Director, Dreamweaver, HomeSite+, etc.)

Data Mining Lab
The Computer Science Department houses a data mining lab with 27 PC desktop computers. This lab contains Oracle, Microsoft SQL, DB2, SAS, DBMiner and other software useful for database development and management.​​
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