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Thamizhisai Periyaswamy

Dr. Thamizhisai Periyaswamy is an Associate Professor at the Central Michigan University. She received her doctoral degree in Textile Engineering & Sciences from the Philadelphia University in the year 2009. Her primary areas of research include ultrasound-based material characterization, wearable electronic systems, tactile perception of flexible materials, and human-centered apparel development. She developed a novel, rapid, non-contact ultrasound method of characterization for fibrous materials. She also studies clothing-induced stress in functional-wears as part of the “Human-centered Apparel Design (HCAD) Analysis” attempting to solve complex physio-ergonomic issues of clothing. Additionally, she studies bio and neurophysiological signal properties, such as skin temperature, galvanic skin response, and electro-encephalogram signals (EEG), associated with tactile perception of flexible materials made of various textures and low-stress material properties. She is also pursuing research on fiber-based interfaces for human electrophysiological signals applied for wearable systems. She offers courses in textile science, testing methods, and CAD systems for undergraduates, and research methods and electronic textiles for graduates. 

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