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Admission Process

This checklist should be used to track the completion of all admission requirements for the Teacher Education Program. It is the responsibility of the teacher education candidate to ensure that all requirements and deadlines have been met. 

ALL admission criteria must be complete by the admission deadline the semester before you can begin your professional education sequence courses.

Upcoming Admission Deadlines:
Spring 2019 - February 8th by 5:00 pm - for classes starting in Fall 2019
Fall 2019 - September 6th by 5:00 pm – for classes starting in Spring 2020
Spring 2020 - February 7th by 5:00 pm – for classes starting in Fall 2020
​​ ​​
  • Admission of Candidacy - 
    1. Apply to Teacher Education: Application Form ​
    2. Completion of EDU 107-Introduction to Teaching (or approved equivalency), with a minimum grade of a B (3.0) or higher. ​​​​ 
    3. Completion of the Technical Standards Form​
    4.  A minimum grade point average (GPA) of a 3.0 is required for Admission. GPA will be calculated on the student's cumulative CMU courses or at a regionally accredited institution.​​
    5. Completion of ENG 101 or ENG 201 (or approved equivalency, including AP and CLEP), with a minimum grade of a B- or higher. 
    6. Submit your most current SAT or ACT composite, reading, writing, and math scores. A qualifying score is not required at this time. The CEHS Center for Student Services does need your SAT/ACT report regardless of your scores for admission.**
    7. Completion of a minimum of 45 semester hours of university credit, including transfer credit.
    8. Declare teachable major(s) and/or minors(s) on B.S. in Ed or B.Mus.Ed. See Bulletin for required options. Find faculty advisors here
Professional Education Sequence:
After admission, Elementary students may take EDU 393, ENG 315WI, EDU 380WI, and SPE 504 (additional form required for EDU 380)
After admission, Secondary students may take EDU 310, EDU 325, EDU 450, EDU 495, and SPE 504 
Music majors take EDU 310, EDU 450, EDU 495, and SPE 504 
See Bulletin for pre-requisites
A non-refundable one time Education program fee of $150 will be charged to your student account after Admission of Candidacy is confirmed.
Professional Skills InterviewRequired to be completed the semester of acceptance. Information about scheduling will be sent via email after the admission deadline. Click here for more information about the interview.
Diversity Requirement: All candidates in the teacher education program at Central Michigan University are expected to participate in learning situations and field experiences representing a wide range of diverse settings. To be recommended for certification, each candidate must complete their field experiences in such a way as to ensure that all the categories ​are met. More information here.
**Paper or digital scan of the student's SAT or ACT scores must be on file in the CEHS Center for Student Services. Copy of test scores must be received before the admission deadline. Self-enroll in the Teacher Ed Admission Blackboard for more information.

​For more information

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