Observation Hours
​Observation Hours
The 45-Hour Pre-Professional Field Experience is the initial field experience in teacher education. You will spend a minimum of 45 hours observing a state certified teacher (host teacher) in a K-12 classroom setting. Non-contact hours such as travel to and from the school, preparing materials for classes, attending school meetings, lunch time, etc., cannot be included in the 45 contact hour requirement. You should be observing and if possible, interacting as directly as possible with the students. When you are in a classroom setting, the more "teacher roles" you can try, the more likely it is that you will experience what it is really like to be a teacher. You should learn as much as possible about classroom structure and management, teaching, planning, preparing, organizing and adapting for individual differences.

The teacher education Field Experience/Observation Hours Instruction Sheet will guide you as you make observations in the classroom. After completion of your observation hours for each classroom, you must complete and submit the online Field Experience Form or the Transfer Student Field Experience Form. All hours must be completed in a K-12 classroom setting and supervised by a certified teacher (host teacher). Submit the form as soon as possible after observing so that the host teacher will remember your visit. Observation hours that cannot be confirmed by the host teacher will not be valid. The old paper observation hour forms are no longer accepted by the Center for Student Services.

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