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Observation Hours Help

Observation Help

Additional Field Hours In the Mt. Pleasant Area

DO NOT contact the school principal yourself. Please contact Jennifer Quick at in EHS 421, for any hours you desire to obtain in Mt. Pleasant. You are encouraged to obtain hours out of the area. The Mt. Pleasant schools already receive pre-student teaching, student teaching and practicum students that number well over 200 students a semester.

No guarantee will be made regarding additional hours in Mt. Pleasant, but every effort will be considered as Mt. Pleasant classrooms become available.

Additional Field Hours Out of the Mt. Pleasant Area

You may contact the principal on your own. The best way to make initial contact is by email. Please find the web site on line for your desired school. A helpful address in locating some of the school web sites:

When sending an email, be sure to be professional and include all necessary information. Explain you are doing an additional field placement to fulfill diversity categories. Please include when you would like to attend the school and explain that the host teacher has no obligation for any paperwork. Make sure your email is free from punctuation errors and is written in complete sentences.

The closest district to Mt. Pleasant to fulfill both the urban and race/ethnicity categories will be Saginaw.  Below is the website for Saginaw schools:
Q & A For Contacting a School for Observation Hours
  • I'd like to contact an out of area K-12 school to get some observation hours and I'm not sure how to begin the process?
    The best way to begin is to find the school web site and see if you can obtain the name and email address of the principal.  You can either use an online search engine and type in the name of the school or try and see if your school is listed. 

  • Once I've found the email address, what's next?
    Type out a brief but professional request to the principal.  You want to mention you are from Central Michigan University and would like to obtain some observation hours at the school.  It is important to give the exact date(s) and time(s) you would like to be at the school, along with any specific content area or grade.  Please remember your spelling and grammar should be correct.  Many principals will not even consider a request if it is unprofessional or filled with mistakes. 

  • What if I don't hear back from the principal?
    You can call the school, identify yourself and politely ask to speak to the principal.  Please remember not to call at the start of the day when the children first arrive.  The best time to reach the principal is usually about 10-15 minutes after the children begin the school day or about 30-40 minutes prior to the start of the day.  Principals might be available at other times throughout the day but please remember principals are very busy individuals.  You can also leave information with the school secretary or voice mail. 

  • I'm not having much success at reaching the principal, any other suggestions?
    If you are close to the school and have opportunity to stop in, that might be one way to obtain the connection for your observation hours.  If you are not available to stop in I would suggest contacting another nearby school with the same procedure outlined above. 

  • I'm still not able to get anyone to help me at the schools I've contacted, what now?
    The best thing is to continue looking at different schools in the area.  Usually at least one school will respond to your inquiry. 

  • If I still run out of options, can I contact someone for help?
    Yes, if you come to the end of your options please send an email to Jennifer Quick at and explain your situation.  She will be in contact with you regarding other options. 

  • Anything else I should be aware of before I go to the school?
    Remember to look your best when you go to the school. Some guidelines to adhere to would be not to wear blue jeans, tank tops or any other attire that would be questionable in a school setting. Remember, this is the beginning of your school career and the people you meet at school might be people you will have contact with later on as you seek a teaching job.

Be sure the school you've chosen fulfills the diversity categories you need. If the school is not listed in the Schools Diversity Categories Table, please complete the Request A School's School's Diversity Categories Form, and you will receive an email listing the categories for that school.  For additional information on the Diversity requirement, please email your questions to

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