Professional Readiness Exam
Professional Readiness Exam
Professional Readiness Exam (#096), formerly known as the Michigan Basic Skills Test, is a test of reading, mathematics, and writing skills required of all teaching candidates in Michigan. There are five paper-based testing dates each calendar year. Check online for the computer-based testing dates. Registration for the test must be completed several weeks in advance of the test date. Students preparing for Admission need to select a test date so that the results will be received prior to the admission deadline for the admission date you have selected. If you have any questions about the timing of your test date, you should contact the Center for Student Services' Office.

Be certain to use the CMU Institution Code (07) to ensure results are sent to CMU. If CMU is not indicated as the receiving institution, the student will need to order a paper copy from the testing company that is to be sent directly to the Center for Student Services. MDE specifies that CMU is NOT to receive any paper copies furnished by the student. Be sure to retain a copy of the results for your own records.

Information on how to study for the Professional Readiness Exam can be found on the website under the Preparing for the Test section.

If you don't pass one or more of the three sections, you will need to retake ONLY the section(s) of the test that you did not pass. Consult the Registration site for more information.

Important Note:
The January 2015 paper-based MTTC results will NOT be released until after the February 6th admission deadline. Students looking to be admitted in the spring will need to take the PRE before January 17 in and have the results sent to CMU order to be considered for admission.

Process for Accepting ACT/MME Scores in Lieu of PRE
On May 9, 2014, the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) approved an additional process for registering a passing score for each required PRE section.  MDE will receive specific American College Test (ACT) and Michigan Merit Exam (MME) scores as it relates to the specific PRE section beginning May 9, 2014.

ACT and/or MME scores must be received and on file in the Center for Student Services (CSS) prior to the desired admission date.  Please be aware that each section (Reading, Math, and Writing) must record a passing score to be eligible for admission to CMU's education program, whether the passing section is from the PRE, ACT or MME. ACT and MME data from 1989 forward may be used.

The following table describes what minimum scores can be accepted:
ACT Score Equivalencies
MME Score Equivalencies
Mathematics 22 Mathematics 1116
Reading 22 Reading 1108
Combined English + Writing 24 Writing 1129
If you have any questions, contact Shannon Ebner by email ebner1sl@cmich.edu or by phone 989-774-3309.
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