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Administrative Certification

Per Senate Bill No. 673 to amend 1976 PA 451, entitled "The Revised School Code," the following is an excerpt focused on school administrator certification in Michigan.
The State Board shall develop a school administrator's certificate that may be issued to school district and intermediate school district superintendents, school principals, assistant principals, and other administrators whose primary responsibility is administering instructional programs.
Per the Michigan Department of Education:
Mandatory administrator certification is currently available at two levels:
  1. K-12 (Elementary and Secondary) Administrator
  2. Central Office Administrator 
Certification requires completion of Master's or higher degree from an approved program in educational leadership or administration offered by an institute of higher education (IHE). There are two basic endorsements available on the initial certificate (i.e., Elementary/Secondary Administrator K-12 [Building] or Central Office [district]).

For principals and building-level school leaders who are interested in Michigan's Elementary and Secondary Administrator Certification (ES Endorsement)

For superintendents and other central office administrators who are interested in Michigan's Central Office Administrator Certification (AC Endorsement)

For more info on these CMU programs, contact: 
Department of Educational Leadership
(989) 774-3206 -

A superintendent, principal, assistant principal or other person whose primary responsibility is administering instructional programs employed as a school administrator after January 4, 2010 must hold a valid Administrator Certificate in accordance with SB 981.

A school administrator who was employed as a school administrator on or before January 4, 2010 does not need to hold the Administrator Certificate for their current position, but must meet the same continuing education requirements as described in the renewal policy for the Professional Education teaching certificate, every 5 years after initial date of employment.
A non-certified school administrator may be employed by a school district if enrolled in a program leading to certification as a school administrator not later than 6 months after date of employment. The school administrator has 3 years to meet the certification requirements.
How to Apply:
Individuals completing programs through a Michigan administrator preparation institution must initiate the certification process on the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS) and submit supporting documentation to that institution's certification officer(s). Individuals completing another state's approved program will submit supporting documentation to the Office of Professional Preparation Services once the application has been initiated on MOECS.‚Äč
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