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Post-Bacc FAQs

​Post-Baccalaureate FAQs
Individuals with completed bachelor's or master's degrees wishing to pursue a Michigan Elementary or Secondary Provisional Teaching Certificate may contact the Center for Student Services at 989-774-3309 for advising.

Q: I have completed a non-teaching bachelor's degree. How do I earn a teaching certificate? 
A: You may pursue either the elementary or secondary "certification only program" or earn an additional undergraduate degree (the B.S. in Education) with either the elementary or secondary certification. Completed undergraduate coursework may be used if applicable to current requirements.

Q: I have a completed Master's degree or higher. How do I earn a teaching certificate?
A: The requirements are the same as those for a candidate with a completed bachelor's degree. Courses from the master's degree will not apply to certification requirements.

Q: Does CMU have a combined Master's degree and certification program?
A: No. Courses required for the initial teaching certificate are all undergraduate courses and cannot be applied to a graduate program.

Q: Are the required Teacher Education courses offered online and/or through off-campus locations?
A: No. The required professional education courses and most of the major and minor courses are offered ONLY ON CAMPUS in Mount Pleasant and only during the fall and spring semesters.

Q: What courses are required for an elementary​ or secondary​ certificate?
A: Course requirements for these certificates include general education, teacher education program requirements (also referred to as degree requirements), professional education courses, and specialization courses within a major/minor. Formal admission to the teacher education program is required for enrollment in the Profession Education Courses.

Q: How much time will it take to earn a certificate?
A: Generally, no less than 2 ½ years, and up to 4+ years of full-time enrollment is required to complete post-degree certification only.  The length of time will depend on the choice of elementary or secondary certification, major/minor, pace of the enrollment, and applicability of coursework already completed.

Q: Do I have to do student teaching?
A: Yes. A semester of full-time student teaching is required of all candidates for certification. Substitute teaching does not reduce, waive, or fulfill this requirement. The courses EDU 458 for 10 credits and EDU 432 for 3 credits are taken together as the concluding semester of Professional Education courses.

Q: Can I transfer courses from other colleges or universities to meet some requirements for the major and minor?
A: Yes. Transfer equivalents may be acceptable. Transfer courses must be approved by faculty advisors in the department of the major/minor. The initial evaluation process is initiated by the Center for Student Services to establish the major/minor; thereafter the candidate must contact the major/minor faculty advisors for follow-up questions regarding the major/minor course outline.

Q: How would I earn a second bachelor's degree with certification?
A: If you choose to do so you would be enrolling/re-enrolling at CMU as an undergraduate student and completing all current requirements for the B.S. in Education degree as well as for certification. This approach may or may not lengthen time necessary to complete the requirements.  If you need additional information about these two options, please make a telephone appointment with the post baccalaureate Academic Advisor by calling the clerk at 989-774-3309 in the Center for Student Services

Q: When can I begin to take the Professional Education coursework?
A: Only EDU 107 and EDU 290 can be taken prior to formal admission to the Teacher Education Program. Transfer equivalents to these courses are available at some community colleges. Minimum grade required for EDU 107 is 'B' (3.0); minimum grade for EDU 290 is 'C+' (2.30).

Q: When would I take the rest of the Professional Education coursework?
A: The sequence of Professional Education courses requires formal admission to CMU‘s Teacher Education Program. Specific qualifications and deadlines apply. Refer to the checklist​ for a Post Baccalaureate admission to Teacher Education​.​

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