Post-Baccalaureate Certification
​​​Initial Post-Baccalaureate  Certification
The policy regarding Teacher Certification and/or Endorsement for Post-Baccalaureate Students is published in the CMU bulletin.  On campus enrollment is required. 

The initial post-baccalaureate certification program at CMU is for those who already have a four-year non-teaching degree and would like to pursue a Michigan teaching certificate for the PK-12 setting.  This is the same program followed by our traditional undergraduates, and all education courses are available only on campus in Mount Pleasant during the "traditional" class hours of a Monday-Friday schedule. Time required to complete the program is dependent upon an individual's goal, but will rarely be less than two years for secondary and can exceed four years for elementary, depending on your undergraduate programs, and the your choice of teachable specializations (major and minor) coursework still needed.  It will also depend on the number of courses you would be taking per semester.

Transcript Evaluation Process

The evaluation process consists of our advisor looking over your transcripts and determining which credits we are able to accept from your undergraduate coursework that are equivalent to courses needed on CMU's program. The advisor can discuss with you the option of your getting a second undergraduate degree or pursuing the program as a non-degree certification only student. For either program, all competencies must be met following CMU's BS in Ed. degree standards. Students must also meet the minimum GPA requirements as well, which is at least a 2.70 in your undergraduate degree.

Your transcripts will also be reviewed for credits that can be counted as courses needed to fulfill the core Teacher Education Program.  The Program is divided into three sections: 
  1. General Education Requirements: These are the "University Program" credits. Typically we assume you already have completed these credits since you hold your degree, but some degrees require little or no General Education credits. Your transcripts will be reviewed to make sure you have already fulfilled that section.
  2. Degree Requirements: Even if you are not going to be pursuing the Degree in Education, all Teacher Education students must fulfill the courses listed in this section. The courses required under this section will differ depending on whether you are pursuing Elementary or Secondary, or Special Education- Elementary or Special Education- Secondary.
  3. Professional Education Requirements: These are the professional education sequence classes and the Student Teaching experience.

In addition to the above, the appropriate department Academic Advisors are furnished your transcripts and will review your major and minor courses and will determine which, if any, prior courses may be used towards the major/minor you choose. The faculty will write a program listing any courses still needed to complete the major/minor following CMU's guidelines. At least a 2.70 GPA is required in any major and minor in order to student teach. (Please note that some individual major/minor departments require a higher GPA.  In that case, the department standards would apply.)

If you are interested in additional information, please review the Admission Checklist and Criteria specifically for a Post-Baccalaureate​ student, which outlines the requirements needed in order to be admitted into the Teacher Education program once you have been accepted to CMU.  You must have an appointment (by phone or in person) with our Academic Advisor prior to applying for the program.  

After reviewing the information, if you feel our program is for you, you may either call 989-774-3309 and request an appointment with the Post-Baccalaureate Program Advisor, or complete and fax the Request for Post-Baccalaureate Transcript Evaluation Form.​  You will be contacted to set up the advising appointment.

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