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Earning a Second Degree for Certification

The policy regarding Teacher Certification Second Degree Students is published in the CMU bulletin. 

The initial program at CMU is for those who already have a four-year non-teaching degree from an accredited institution and would like to pursue a Michigan teaching certificate for the PK-12 setting.  This is the same program followed by our traditional undergraduates, and all professional education sequence courses are available primarily on campus in Mount Pleasant during the "traditional" class hours of a Monday-Friday schedule. The time required to complete the program is dependent upon an individual's goal, your undergraduate program, and your choice of teachable specializations (major and/or minor). The Center for Student Services will assist in determining the length of program and timeline.

If you would like to earn a second degree you will want to contact the Admission Office at Central Michigan University, 989-774-4444 and apply at


If you are planning to earn a second undergraduate degree, we realize you may have many questions regarding graduation requirements for your second degree, how and when to register, financial aid procedures, and housing.  Shown below are the procedures for you and a list of our resource people who can assist you with your questions.  We urge you to make the necessary contacts well in advance of the beginning of classes.

Procedures for Earning a Second Degree

  1. Activate your account - Your first step is to set up your CMU account. You will use it for just about everything as a student, including creating your official email account, receiving your student ID number and Global ID, and registering for classes. Go to You will need your unique New CMU Account PIN: 5769.   After establishing your new account, be sure to check your new email often for important communications from university offices.
    1. If you have previously attended CMU your student ID number and Global ID have not changed. If you have not recently logged in you will want to contact the IT Help Desk at 989-774-3662 to have your password reset.
  2. Meet with your advisors - Advisors and faculty members in the academic college associated with your major will provide your academic advising.  Call or visit Academic Advising and Assistance for referral to your academic college, 989-774-7506, Ronan Hall 250.  When arranging an appointment, you must mention that you are a new second bachelor's degree candidate.
    1. Your general advisor will assist you in completing the 'Certification of Degree Status' form that is required if you are using federal financial aid.
    2. Your general advisor will connect you with the faculty advisor for your major who will assist you with formally declaring your major.
  3. Financial Aid – If you require federal financial aid, then you and your advisor should complete the 'Certification of Degree Status' form AND formally declare your intended degree and major in Degree Progress. Once these two required items are completed, then you can reach out to the Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid at or 989-774-3674.
  4. Housing – If you need assistance with housing, please contact the Office of Residence Life at (989)774-3111.  They can assist you with residence hall, family, or off-campus housing in Mount Pleasant.
  1. Teacher Certification – If you are pursuing teacher certification as a second degree earner, you must meet with the contact the Center for Student Services at (989)774-3309. Please identify yourself as a new second degree candidate pursuing teacher certification.

To view the CMU requirements for a Second Degree, please refer to the CMU Bulletin: 

Center for Student Services 
Visit the Center for Student Services website for information on admission to teacher education, advising, the elementary and secondary education programs and more.


Michigan law requires a person employed in an elementary or secondary school with instructional responsibilities shall hold a certificate, permit or vocational/authorization valid for the positions to which he/she is assigned. The Office of Professional Preparation Services (OPPS) and the Michigan Department of Education foster the educational achievement of all Michigan youth and adults, Pre-K through 12th grade, by ensuring that all professional school personnel complete quality preparation and professional development programs which meet the standards established by the Michigan Legislature and the State Board of Education.

The OPPS has transitioned to the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS). All educators apply for certification online. For more information on MOECS and instructions on how to apply for a Michigan Educator license visit

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