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Off-Campus Programs NMC Partnership Program

NMC Partnership Program

Traverse City’s Northwestern Michigan College (NMC) and CMU offer a teacher preparation program for individuals in the northern Michigan area to become certified elementary (grades K-8) teachers. The program provides NMC students the option to take CMU courses to complete a B.S. in Elementary Education with an integrated science major. All NMC and CMU courses are delivered by departmental-approved faculty in the Traverse City area. All completed courses and program requirements result in the B.S. in Education degree from CMU and a recommendation for the Michigan Provisional Elementary teaching certificate.

Meet the NMC and CMU staff who will discuss financial aid, teacher education admission requirements, major information and required course offerings. Other topics include legal issues, diversity requirements and the CMU/NMC website. All orientations are scheduled by appointment. Contact the CMU Traverse City Center at (231) 995-1756 to schedule an appointment.

Central Michigan University Students starting the NMC/CMU Elementary Education program apply to CMU's off-campus programs as well. Work with a CMU advisor to determine the best time to apply and fill out the application at This is separate from the teacher education admission process.
 ​After a student has been accepted to CMU they should apply for admission to teacher education. 
  • Students must follow the admission criteria at the time admission requirements are completed.
  • Students should print a new checklist each semester until admitted to the program.
  • Students are responsible for checking current admission criteria.
  • Students can check the status of their admission requirements by clicking here.
If a student has a question regarding the criteria call  (989) 774-3309
Admission of Candidacy - for NMC/CMU Elementary Education Program
    1. This checklist should be used to track the completion of all admission requirements for the Teacher Education Program. It is the responsibility of the teacher education candidate to ensure that all requirements and deadlines have been met. Whenever you contact the center, please make sure you indicate you are part of the off campus program for teacher education. 

      A.  Fill out and submit an “Interest Form” 

      B.  Contact Collen Zeh at CMU’s NMC/CMU Center: or call 231-995-1756 to schedule program overview with Lorraine Berak (

      ALL admission criteria must be complete by the admission deadline (deadlines will be discussed during advising appointment) prior to viewing a Mandatory Admission Meeting online.
    2. Admission of Candidacy Criteria
    3. 1. ​​COMPLETE EDU 101
      Completion of EDU 101 - Introduction to Teaching (or approved equivalency to CMU's EDU 107), with a minimum grade of a B (3.0) or higher. 
    4. 2. HAVE 2.8 GPA
      A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.8. The GPA will be calculated on the student's cumulative NMC courses.

    5. 3. COMPLETE ENGL 111/112
      Completion of ENGL 111 or ENGL 112 (or one of it's approved CMU equivalencies), with minimum grade of "B-" (2.7) or higher.
      If you haven't already submitted scores to CMU for general admission, submit your most current SAT or ACT score to the CEHS Center for Student Services. A qualifying score is not required at this time. 
      A student must complete all NMC classes prior to being admitted to teaching education. 
      This will be automatically completed for you when you are admitted to CMU through Global Campus.
    9. Once Complete Items 1-6 on the Admission Checklist:
    10. Complete the “Admission Form” which will be available on November 4-18, 2020 and January 4-13, 2021.  The Center for Student Services will review the Admission Form and if the student is ready for admission they will be sent a link to attend the Mandatory Admission Meeting on-line, fill out the application to teacher education, fill out a Teacher Education belief survey, and sign up for the Professional Skills Interview (which will be held on CMU’s campus), and next steps.
      Mandatory Admission Meeting - Students will be sent a link to watch the on-line Mandatory Admission Meeting after their Admission Form has been reviewed and they are ready to be admitted to Teacher Education.

      ●A non-refundable one-time Education Program fee of $150 will be charged to the student’s account the semester after a student is admitted to the teacher education program.

Important Note: The Michigan Department of Education has written new standards for all Elementary Education Programs in the state of Michigan.  Teacher prep institutions in Michigan are in the process of transitioning to a new Elementary Education Program that will officially begin in Fall 2021.  While CMU is transitioning, students should follow the list of courses above to align with the new elementary program. Students will work closely with a CMU academic advisor that will assist them with the transition and the list of courses that will be offered through CMU in E. Lansing.  Students will work with a CMU academic advisor to determine when they should be admitted to CMU and the Teacher Education program. 

NMC Course Guide.pdf - Begin using Fall 2020
NMC TE Advising Form.pdf - Check with your advisor before using

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