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SAT/ACT and ​Professional Readiness Exam Information

ACT and PRE tests are phasing out and only passing scores from tests from September 2017 and earlier will be accepted. 

After September 2017, only new SAT scores will be accepted.

​​​​​​​​​​​To assist students taking or retaking the SAT for admission to the teacher education program, a Blackboard site has been created. Once enrolled, students will have access to presentations on each section of the SAT, official SAT practice tests, a variety of SAT prep materials, and test day advice.  Click here to self-enroll in the Blackboard.

SAT Registration Information
The SAT is the basic skills requirement for all teaching candidates in Michigan. Students preparing for Admission need to select a test date so that the results will be received prior to the deadline for the admission date you have selected. If you have any questions about the timing of your test date, you should contact the Center for Student Services' Office.

As of February 28, 2017 the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) will begin accepting the SAT as the basic skills examination that CMU teacher candidates must pass prior to Tier 2: Admission of Candidacy to the Teacher Education program.

The Professional Readiness Exam (PRE) and the alternative passing measures (ACT/MME) will remain in place until October 2025.  However, the SAT (taken on or after March 5, 2016) will be the only new scores accepted for admission after September 2017. Anyone who has passed the PRE, ACT or MME (MME from March 2007-January 2015) before September 2017 will still be able to use their qualifying scores. Please check your Student Information Sheet to confirm your test scores on file (linked here). If you need to submit updated scores, please do so by bringing in a copy of your test scores to the Center for Student Services in EHS 421 or submit an electronic copy to

Qualifying SAT Scores
​Test Section
​Passing Score
Reading and Writing​​480
Teacher Candidates must meet or exceed these two scores on both of these sections of the SAT to be considered passing. There are no alternate scoring options.

A student may schedule to take or retake the SAT at: Students preparing for Tier 2: Admission need to select a test date so that the results will be received prior to the tiered admission deadline date they have selected. 

If you have SAT scores (taken on or after March 5, 2016) you would like to use please bring a copy of those scores to the Center for Student Services, EHS 421 for review.

Q &A about the SAT

Click this link for answers to frequently asked questions regarding the SAT/PRE.

Process for Accepting ACT/MME Scores in Lieu of PRE/SAT
ACT and/or MME scores must be received and on file in the Center for Student Services (CSS) prior to the desired admission date.  Please be aware that each section (Reading, Math, and Writing) must record a passing score to be eligible for admission to CMU's education program, whether the passing section is from the PRE, ACT or MME. ACT data from 1989-Sept 2017 may be used. MME data from March 2007 through January 2015 may be used.

​The following table describes what minimum scores can be accepted:
ACT Score Equivalencies
MME Score Equivalencies 
Combined English + Writing22**Writing1129
**​Effective October 2016, the ACT Combined English/Writing score equivalency ​has changed from 24 to 22. This is ​effective retroactively and does apply to all students. Please contact the Center for Student Services with any questions.​​
ACT Combined English Writing Grid.jpg
Download the grid here.
New SAT and PRE phase out chart.jpg

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