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Diversity FAQs

​​Diversity FAQs
Is there a requirement for working
with diverse populations that I
must complete?

Yes, you have an opportunity to complete your diversity requirements through your field experiences: Pre-Student Teaching and Student Teaching.

Why are the requirements for working with diverse populations an important part of the field experience?

In the United States, due to pressures in economics, migration of populations, and health care, there is an increased need to better prepare future teachers for these changes in the classroom as well as respond to parents' expectations that teachers and schools meet the needs of their child. In an effort to provide a quality education and a meaningful experience for students, Central Michigan University is committed to diversity as a core value in program development.

How do I document the requirements
related to my work with diverse populations?

Automatically documented by the Center for Clinical Experiences:

  • Pre-Student Teaching (after submission of signed paperwork at the end of the course) 
  • Student Teaching (approximately a month after the semester begins) ​

All other Pre-Professional Hours and any additional 30 hour experiences must be
​sub​mitted by the candidate here: Diversity Field Experience Form​​

How will the completion of field experiences with diverse populations 
be recorded for fulfillment of
program requirements?

The completion of the diversity requirements will be recorded on your personal Student Information (SI) Sheet located within the CSS web site. You can access your SI Sheet here.

I have not yet met the race/ethnicity 
category and I am student teaching
next term. The school where I
want to student teach will not
meet this requirement.
What should I do?

Looking at your pre-professional hours, if you have less than 30 hours at a school that meets the categories you need to fulfill, you may want to explore the possibility of returning to that school to do additional hours to reach the 30 hour requirement for that school to count toward your diversity.
Do the ten hours of observation I
completed in EDU 107 count toward

Your ten observation hours from EDU 107 can count toward diversity if you complete an additional 20 hours at the same school. You would need to fill out the Diversity Field Experience Form​​documenting the full 30 hours.
My classroom did not meet the
ethnicity and I still need to fulfill
this category. Any other suggestions?

You can do an additional 30 hour placement to fulfill any category not already complete. Check the School Diversity Spreadsheet online to confirm what school will meet your need. 
What if I can't get my hours done
before student teaching? Does that
mean I can't graduate?

You will be able to graduate without your diversity categories complete, but Central Michigan University will not be able to confirm your certification to the state for your teaching certificate until all diversity requirements are met. You can complete this after student teaching, but it is recommended that you get this done prior to graduation.

Any other suggestions on how to
get these diversity requirements met?

If you are thinking about trying to complete needed diversity categories during your student teaching, but your student teaching school does not meet the needed categories, you might consider these options:

Check you school district for any days off. For example, you might have the first day of deer season off and you could be excused from attending.

Find as may non-teaching days during your school calendar that might allow you to obtain hours at a district that fulfills the category or categories you are missing. If you can get some hours in prior to the end of the term, you might be able to finish up the hours right after you are done student teaching. If you are student teaching in spring, one other option might be during spring break of your host school. Most likely, you will be able to find another school not on spring break that will meet your needed categories. If so, you can attend that other school when you are on spring break from student teaching. 
How could I have avoided this dilemma
of not having my requirements done
and student teaching not meeting my
last couple of categories?

It is always a good thing to think ahead and try to plan on meeting your most difficult diversity categories during your pre-professional hours. The pre-student teaching field hours will meet some of your diversity, but please note the Mt. Pleasant area will not meet urban and often will not meet race/ethnicity. If you desire to drive to an urban location during your field hours, you must be sure to make the pre-student teaching coordinator aware of your needed categories by using the additional information section when filling out your pre-student teaching placement forms. You can also do an additional 30 hour placement anytime during your time at CMU. A good opportunity to obtain a 30 hour additional placement is when CMU ends the term in early May. Most schools are still in session until the end of May or early June. Many schools will welcome students at this time and appreciate the extra set of hands in the classroom.

The CSS advisors are here to help you with any diversity issues. Please don't hesitate to contact an advisor for further information.​​
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