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Professional Skills Interview

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ATTENTION Spring 2020 Teacher Education Admits:
For the protection of our students, faculty and staff the EHS Center for Student Services has made the decision to cancel all remaining Professional Skills Interviews for the Spring 2020 semester, effective March 18, 2020. Given this unique circumstance, your PSI requirement for admission to the program is waived and you will not need to complete an interview. 
Please consider joining our virtual Professional Skills in Practice events that are open to all teacher candidates and will highlight various elements of the professional dispositions covered by the interview. For more information and the link to join the WebEx sessions, go to:

The Professional Skills Interview is a requirement of admission the teacher education program and provides teacher candidates with a formative assessment of their professional dispositions as future educators – including leadership, oral communication, human interaction and critical thinking. Learn more about the process below.

  • A Professional Skills Interview is required after Admission of Candidacy. Professional skills and dispositions are habits of thinking and action that emanate from professional attitudes, values, and beliefs. They are demonstrated through both verbal and non-verbal behaviors as educators interact with students, families, colleagues, and communities. The Professional Skills Interview will assist teacher candidates and faculty to identify areas of strength and target areas of focus allowing candidates to enhance their ability to effectively communicate and interact as developing professional educators.  

    The Professional Skills Interview is an extension of CMU's EDU 107 Introduction to Teaching.  If you did not take EDU 107 at CMU, information is available that details the professional skills, attitudes, and dispositions evaluated through the interview.
    Click here to self-enroll in the Teacher Education Admission Blackboard and access a narrated presentation to assist you in preparing for the interview. Answers to common questions related to the Professional Skills Interview are available on the Teacher Education Admission webpage and in the Teacher Education Admissions Blackboard.

  • Click here to self-enroll in the Teacher Education Admissions Blackboard shell and access a narrated presentation to assist you in preparing for the interview. 
  • Why am I expected to complete a Professional Skills Interview?

    The Professional Skills Interview is a requirement of all teacher candidates at CMU. As a formative assessment of skills in leadership, oral communication, human interaction and critical thinking, it provides feedback which candidates may use to continue growing and developing as they advance in the teacher education program. This is also an opportunity to engage in a unique way with peers.

  • Do the results impact my admission to the teacher education program?

    The Professional Skills Interview does not have a grade or score and is not pass/fail.  Teacher candidates will not be excluded from admission to the teacher education program based on their interview performance. The intended purpose of the Professional Skills Interview is to provide teacher candidates with formative feedback and the opportunity to enhance their skills as developing pre-service teachers.

  • When do I need to complete the interview?

    Teacher candidates must have attended a Mandatory Admission Meeting prior to registering for an interview. After a student attend the Mandatory Admission Meeting they will sign up for a day and time to do the interview.  Students will usually complete the interview a month or two after attending the mandatory meeting. 


    Interviews are required be completed prior to starting their professional education courses. Completing the Professional Skills Interview is the final step to being fully admitted to the Teacher Education Program. Candidates will NOT be allowed to proceed in Professional Education Sequence coursework until they complete the interview. Any exceptions to this timeline must be approved prior to moving forward in professional coursework.

  • How long is the interview?

    The duration of the Professional Skills Interview is 90 minutes. Teacher candidates are scheduled to arrive 15 minutes prior to the actual interview session, thus should expect to be at the interview site 1 hour and 45 minutes.

  • What should I wear to the interview?

    Professional attire is expected for the Professional Skills Interview. Professional dress is generally described for women as modest dresses, suits, skirts or slacks with blouses or sweaters, and closed-toe shoes. For men, professional dress is generally described as suits or sport jackets with ties, slacks and collared shirts with shirts tucked in, and non-athletic, closed toe shoes. CMU's Student Teaching handbook also advises candidates to refrain from wearing flip flops, low-cut tops, tight clothing, displaying tummy skin, wearing t-shirts, hats, or jeans, covering all tattoos and exhibiting pierced ears only; no other facial piercing.

  • What should I do if I do not have professional attire?

    Professional attire is available for FREE from First Impressions, a CMU program located in the Bovee University Center. ALL CMU students are eligible to receive First Impressions clothing.  First Impressions is not need-based, but does ask for a brief explanation of why you need First Impressions clothing for an event. For more information visit their website here.

  • Should I bring anything?

    No. There is nothing you need to bring to the Professional Skills Interview.

  • Will I be graded?

    No. There is not a grade assigned for the Professional Skills Interview. You will receive formative feedback on your performance in the group interview that will detail the areas in which you demonstrated strengths and areas of focus for you to improve your skills as a developing pre-service teacher.

  • Does the interview cost anything?

    No. There are no additional costs to teacher candidates to participate in the Professional Skills Interview.

  • What if I have a conflict with the interview times?

    Every attempt will be made by staff in scheduling Professional Skills Interviews to provide for a variety of interview times. It is expected that you do not miss class to attend an interview, however, you may need to accommodate work and other activities to participate in the Professional Skills Interview. As dates and times are released, they are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Accommodating for an interview time from the selection in the semester of admission is ultimately the responsibility of the teacher candidate.

  • What if I do not complete my Professional Skills Interview as instructed?

    Failure to complete the Professional Skills Interview in the timeline agreed upon for admission will result in the teacher candidate being unable to proceed in Professional Sequence Coursework for the following semester. Additionally, a candidate may be submitted to the Director of Professional Education for a formal professional dispositions concern for certain circumstances such as (but not limited to) attendance and preparation. Failure to attend a scheduled Professional Skills Interview time will result in an automatic submission for professional dispositions, and will require a meeting and action plan prior to moving forward.

  • What can I expect when I arrive on the day of my scheduled interview?

    The Professional Skills Interview is a group interview session in which up to 8 candidates are interviewed by a team of 3 interviewers. Teacher candidates are scheduled to arrive 15 minutes prior to their interview session. They wait outside the interview room and attendance is taken 10 minutes prior to the session. They enter the interview room and are seated with name tents to assist the interviewers in identifying them. The interview commences when the 3 member interviewer team enters the room. A series of four tasks are posed to the group and candidates respond through interactions with each other. At the conclusion of the 90 minute session, teacher candidates will be given information on how they will receive feedback and will be dismissed.

  • How do I access my results?

    Teacher candidates will be informed when results are available to view and will access results through the Taskstream system. Candidates can expect feedback on their critical thinking, oral communication, human interaction and leadership skills based on the interview. If you need help accessing your Taskstream account or a reset of your password, contact Stephanie Terrian at

  • What do I do with my results?

    To complete the Interview process, candidates must review results in Taskstream and complete the required Interview Reflection. The Professional Skills Interview should not be treated as another item to complete on a to-do list, but as an opportunity to gain critical feedback on how one can grow as a future teacher! Educators are constantly learning, growing and developing their skills to meet the needs of students, colleagues and communities. The self-reflection from the interview results is the opportunity for teacher candidates to take this feedback and apply it in coursework and clinical experiences as they advance in the program.

    Upon completion of the Interview process, candidates may also attend Professional Skills in Practice workshops to extend learning and professional development in the professional disposition areas. For more information and a schedule of events, see below.

    Teacher candidates may receive one-on-one support by reaching out to Amanda Buzard at or by meeting with faculty mentors.

  • PSI In Practice.png
    Professional development is an ongoing expectation of educators. To continue your growth in leadership, oral communication, human interaction and critical thinking, the Center for Student Services hosts
    Professional Skills in Practice events each semester to provide various opportunities to engage with peers and further develop the skills necessary to be an effective classroom teacher.

    Teacher candidates may view curr
    ent topics and offerings and register to attend here.

    Upon completion, candidates who attend
    Professional Skills in Practice workshops will receive a certificate of recognition for their commitment to professional development.

For more information about the Professional Skills Interview, contact Amanda Buzard at

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