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Professional Dispositions

The Teacher Education Program at Central Michigan University prepares teaching candidates who have the required knowledge (content), teaching skills (pedagogy) and dispositions to have a positive impact on student learning, in order to become effective teachers.

As students move through the Teacher Education Program, certification and K-12 employment, it is important that candidates demonstrate professional attributes needed for success in the teaching profession. The professional education faculty and staff believe that there are specific professional dispositions that CMU education students must possess if they are to become exemplary educators. Professional dispositions are reflected in the commitments and virtues that influence behavior toward students, families, colleagues and communities and deeply affect student learning and development as well as the educator's own professional growth.

dispositions address the pre-service professional educator's commitment to the students, the learning process and the profession. The professional education faculty and staff expect candidates for a Bachelor of Science in Education to exhibit these professional dispositions. 

CMU teacher education candidates will review the professional skills and dispositions during EDU 107 (introduction to Teacher Education), on Blackboard, and through their professional education sequence courses and field experiences.

If a teacher candidate exhibits signs of consistently not meeting one or more of the professional dispositions listed, please follow the professional dispositions process. If the concern is not resolved please continue the procedure by submitting the professional dispositions concern form to the Director of Educator Preparation Programs, available here. 

Once a professional dispositions concern form is submitted to the Director of Educator Preparation Programs, the concern will be addressed by the Direction of the Professional Dispositions Administrators.
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