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​​Education and Human Services Building


 Elementary and Secondary Education

​For those students and current teachers working in Elementary and Secondary Education we have collected a list of websites dedicated to Elementary and Secondary Education. 

 Special Education Resources

For those students and current teachers working in Special Education we have collected a list of websites dedicated to Special Education instructors. 

 M.T.T.C Resource Page

​​​For those students preparing to take the Michigan ​​Test for Teacher Certification, ​​​we have gathered resources to help ​you prepare.​​​​​ 


 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Journal for Online Learning and Teaching

At this site you will find journals of research papers, case studies, and position papers on all areas of online teaching and learning techniques. The Journal goes back to 2005 and has papers from every issue available in PDF format.  
[Current Issue][Past Issues]​

 Course Design Tip Sheet

Multiple questions designed to take you through the process of planning a course and syllabus.
Harvard University

 Designing and Teaching a Course

A discussion of conceptualizing, organizing, and teaching a course from Stanford University's newsletter, Speaking of Teaching. Includes such topics as considering the audience, setting objectives, determining course format, and evaluating learning.
Stanford University

 Course-Based Review and Assessment Handbook

A handbook for designing and implementing assessment activities in a course. Includes examples of types of assessment and methods for interpreting and using the results.
University of Massachusetts Amherst

 ​Online Learning Consortium

Formerly known as the Sloan Consortium, this is an online learning resource for educators with a conference, a blog, online publications, and much more. See “free downloads” under Research & Publications for Effective Practices in online education.
Online Learning Consortium

 ​​​​​​​​Hybrid Course Website

​​​​​​​​Although this site is designed for UW faculty, many features are open to all, including a list of advantages/challenges, discussion of program development for both faculty and students, and links to articles on hybrid courses.
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Learning Technology Center


 Rubric for Online Instruction

This site is designed to promote high quality online instruction. Includes a rubric for assessing an online course, design tips for online learning, and examples of courses in many disciplines that received awards for Exemplary Online Instruction.
California State University, Chico, Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching

 Principles of Online Design Checklist

Provides a checklist to assess online courses with links to explanatory material and examples for each instructional design principle.
Florida Gulf Coast University, Faculty Development and Support Services

 Special Online Teaching Issue of A Collection of Gifts

Special Online Teaching Issue of A Collection of Gifts: Great Ideas for Teaching Issue 9, Fall 2010. Seven articles on ways to enhance online teaching using contemporary tools & resources.
MiraCosta University Writing Center and Teaching Academy

 Quality Online Course Initiative Rubric and Checklist

Offers two versions of a rubric for online courses: a comprehensive rubric with room for comments and a shortened version with only a checklist.
Illinois Online Network

 Quality Assurance Checklist - CMU

A checklist for faculty to review and evaluate their online courses for structure, syllabus, course content and usability, learning community, and assessment.

 Online Course Evaluation Project

Provides links to criteria-based evaluation tools and examples of recently reviewed courses.
Monterey Institute for Technology and Education

 ​​Teaching Strategies: Using Technology in Teaching

This webpage provides links to articles on strategies for using technology effectively, including examples of faculty using technology in teaching.  Links also address other issues that arise when technology is incorporated into the classroom.
University of Michigan, Center for Research on Learning and Teaching

 ​​Active Learning with Powerpoint

An online tutorial on using Powerpoint more effectively in the classroom: for active learning, active lecturing, assessment, and educational games. Includes five short videos discussing different ways to use Powerpoint to support learning.
University of Minnesota, Center for Teaching and Learning Services

 ​​Illinois Online Network

Illinois Online Network (ION) has been developing these resources since the early 1990's. This is not a comprehensive search engine, but rather a comprehensive collection of documents produced by ION along with some selected outside resources.

 ​International Journal of Designs for Learning

This multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed online journal is dedicated to publishing descriptions of artifacts, environments and experiences created to promote and support learning in all contexts by designers in any field.

 ​​Online Learning Journal- BlendKit

BlendKit is a 5-week course designed by the University of Central Florida in an open, online format specifically for the professional development of higher education faculty and designers preparing to design and teach blended learning courses. The evaluation of this course provides us with interesting and valuable information on the success of using an open approach of a MOOC compared to more traditional, highly structured professional development offerings typically seen in higher education. This article will focus on the lessons learned from the third iteration of this open, online course. 

 ​​Best Practices

Implementing an Online Course Development & Delivery Model
The rise of online and hybrid courses at the higher education level increases the need for distance learning infrastructures to nourish online faculty preparedness and student online learning success.  One part of the distance learning infrastructure is incorporating the use of educated and trained instructional designers to assist faculty in developing robust and quality online courses.  Developing online courses with an instructional designer is a very laborious process, but the results can outweigh the struggles that faculty encounter when doing it on their own.  The authors explain what is involved in an established six-step course development model for developing, reviewing, and delivering a quality online course.


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