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Science and Math Camps

2017 ​​​Summer Science & Math Camps

Students will enjoy a journey into the world of STEM.  Our camp classes for Pre-K through 5th grade students combine academic topics and terrific creative activities for students to learn while having a great time.  (Note: This is not a residential camp.)   

July 10 - 20, 2017


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General Information:

  • July 10 - 20, 2017
  • 9:00 - 11:30 a.m.
  • Classes meet Mon. - Thurs.  on the Mt. Pleasant Campus of CMU
  • Camps are open to students entering  kindergarten in the fall of 2017 through 5th grade. Students must have completed the grade in the class description to enroll (with the exception of the Pre-K class).
  • Costs are noted below.
  • Participants are responsible for their own transportation to CMU.


Pre-K through 5th Grade Classes

$120.00, includes supplies, t-shirt, water bottle & daily snack.

Sensational Science              Grade Pre-K      Limit 12
For students entering kindergarten in the fall of 2017:  Young scientists will explore a variety of scientific topics through investigation and hands-on activities!  Discover the fun of science by growing flowers, creating lava lamps, and finding out about the wind while creating giant bubbles. This class is perfect for students to engage in structured activities as they gear up for school! 

Let's Explore the Great Outdoors              Grades  K-1      Limit 15

Do you love to be outside exploring rocks, flowers, insects, clouds, and trees?  Do you enjoy digging in the dirt and looking for strange plants?  In this class we will take daily hikes to discover the world around us! Join us to explore the outdoors and create science journals by studying ladybugs, sorting rocks, watching the clouds, playing cool games, & more!

Animals in Action              Grades K-1         Limit 15

Animal lovers will spend 8 fascinating days exploring characteristics of land mammals, including their habitats, adaptations and instincts. If you are an animal lover and want to learn more about camouflage, animal protection, migration, hibernation, animal tracking and animal young then this class is a perfect fit! Meet a Michigan Conservation Officer and take a trip to the CMU Museum of Cultural and Natural History to go on a mammal hunt.


Ocean Odyssey               Grades 1-2      Limit 15

Get ready to "dive-in" and take an ocean adventure! Are you curious about creatures found in our magnificent oceans? Do you want to discover sea animals that you never knew existed? Do you like hands-on activities and experiments? Through a variety of activities, you will learn about marine animal characteristics as well as habitats, diets, and more!


Space Race!              Grade 2           Limit 15                              

Become a NASA engineer for a week to discover the mysteries of flight by exploring airplanes and other flying machines. Design, build and test your own glider, then make it even better by re-designing it after the test flights.  Go on to explore space through the eyes of an astronaut living on the International Space Station.  You'll see Earth and the other planets and stars in a whole new way!


Solution Superheroes              Grades 3-4      Limit 15

Become your own super hero and prepare to solve perplexing puzzles and tricky tests of your skills. Learn the secrets of flying like Superman and Supergirl or spin out a new web design like Spiderman.   But watch out for villains! Foil their plans by using slimy science and save the city!  Each day of camp, we will explore a different superpower.  Maybe you'll discover a superpower of your own!


Rockets & Robots               Grades 3-5      Limit 16

Shoot to the sky and crawl on the ground!  Spend one week as an aerospace engineer building and launching rockets powered by humans, CO2, and engines.  Spend another week as a robotics engineer, building and programming LEGO NXT robots to race across the floor,  throw ping pong balls, and follow humans.  Do you have the engineering skills to solve these technical challenges?


Chemistry Connection              Grades 4-5      Limit 15

Be prepared to get messy as you learn about and create compounds, solutions, and mixtures in this exciting introduction to the world of chemistry.  Learn about properties of matter, the periodic table of elements, and chemical reactions. You will even create chemical reactions of your own!


Hot Wheels! Engineering with Solar Energy               Grades 5          Limit 15

Earth's energy future depends on our oldest energy source: the Sun!  Learn to harvest this renewable power source through Green Engineering.  You are the engineer!  Design and build a car of the future that uses the Sun's energy to generate electricity and power.  Camp culminates with a race to the finish line where the most successful design will be crowned the winner!    

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