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What is StarLab?
A portable, inflatable, planetarium system used to teach students a variety of concepts in astronomy and space science. 

How it works
The StarLab will be transported to your school district where a trained presenter will set it up in a gymnasium or cafeteria and provide an instructional program for classes. StarLab is handicap accessible.

$200 for 99 students or less
$2 per student over 100 students

Themes and Topics
Flying Through Our Solar System (Grade levels K-12)
Topics can include an introduction to common constellations, stars (including the sun!), planets, our moon, and their individual  motions. Students will grasp the ideas of how the Earth rotates on an axis and revolves around the sun. Engaging videos are used to enhance learning, as well as interactive demonstrations of seasons and day and night. Weather permitting, a unique telescope will be available for groups to view actual sun spots! (60 minutes)

Constellations and Related Folklore (Grade levels 1-12)
How did our solar system get its name? Why do we see the “pictures” we see in the night sky? What are Star Stories? Groups will practice locating popular and common constellations, while learning both the Greek and Native American folklore behind each one! This is an excellent topic to pair with another program. (45-60 minutes)

Celestial Motion (Grade levels 1-12)
Topics can include the motions of the stars and moon. What motions create our days and year? What exactly are an equinox and a solstice? Hands-on activities are  included. (45 minutes)

Our Moon (Grade levels 3-12)
Students will have a better understanding of our lunar month, phases, and exploration. Solar and Lunar Eclipses will be introduced during this session. Groups will also participate in unique hands-on demonstrations!   (45-60 minutes)

Underground Railroad (Recommended grade levels 3-5)  
Dive into an engaging explanation of "Follow the Drinking Gourd," a coded song used by African-American slaves to reach Canada. Students will learn how the North Star guided slaves to freedom. A trade book and video are presented. 

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