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The 2015-2016 Michigan STEM Education Grants Program

Program Description

The 2015-2016 Michigan STEM Education Grants Program provides funding for competitive grants to conduct student-focused, project-based programs and competitions either in the classroom or extracurricular, in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects such as, but not limited to, robotics, coding, and design-build-test projects, from pre-kindergarten through college level. The program seeks proposals that promote learning, opportunity, and citizenship among Michigan students, in support of the 2013-2015 mission of the State Board of Education: “All students graduate ready for careers, college, and community.” The program will support high-quality STEM education projects in each of the Michigan prosperity regions, connect communities by establishing shared project repositories and promoting collaboration among educators, and build the capacity of educators to compete for state and federal funding.

The 2015-2016 Michigan STEM Education Grants program is funded by the Michigan legislature through the Michigan Department of Education,  General Funds from School Aid: Section 99s(4) of P.A. 85 of 2015. The program is managed by the Central Michigan Science, Mathematics, Technology Center (SMTC) located at Central Michigan University.  SMTC is a member of the Michigan Math and Science Centers Network.


The following applicants were selected to receive an award:


From the Request for Proposals, Section 7. Peer Review Information Criteria: "A minimum of two reviewers will review each proposal, and an overall score, average criterion score, and accompanying criteria critiques will be completed and submitted by each reviewer. The peer review panel will formulate funding recommendations after all proposals have been scored. Proposals recommended for funding will be forwarded to SMTC for an administrative review of any conflict of interest, budgetary, or other concerns raised during peer review. In the absence of any administrative concerns, proposals recommended for funding by the peer review panel will be awarded. Peer review panel funding decisions are final; there will be no opportunity for appeals."

A total of 97 applications were received, of which 95 were from unique applicants (i.e. two applicants applied for both tiers of funding).  One-hundred and thirty-four (134) individuals were invited to serve as a peer reviewers.  Invitations were principally sent to individuals suggested by SMTC staff and MMSCN staff and Directors, as well as to members and staff of the Boards of the Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning (MACUL), Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics (MCTM) and Michigan Science Teachers Association (MSTA).  Of the 134 invitations sent, 17 accepted and served as peer reviewers:

Peer reviewers for the 2015-2016 Michigan STEM Education Grants Program [will be posted here].

Instructions to peer reviewers can be viewed at  (Please note that the documents linked to these instructions are no longer actively monitored.)

Of the 280 Project Directors and Key Personnel named in the 97 applications received, approximately 40% were teachers, 30% were administrators (e.g. having titles such as Program Director, Principal, and Superintendent), 10% were from the business communities (e.g. with titles such as CEO, COO, and President), and 20% with other titles such as Professor.  Where possible, applications were assigned to peer reviewers having similar expertise as indicated by their title. Additionally, applications were assigned to peer reviewers based on their prosperity region and the prosperity region of the applications to be reviewed in order to avoid undiscovered conflicts of interests or other sources of perceived or real bias.

From the Request for Proposals, Section 7. Peer Review Information Criteria: "Once an award or declination decision has been made, Project Directors will be provided feedback about their proposals. In all cases, reviews are treated as confidential documents. [Copies of reviews, supplemented with feedback obtained during the peer review meeting and] excluding the names of the reviewers or any reviewer-identifying information, will be sent to the Project Director by SMTC. In addition, the Project Director will receive an explanation of the decision to award or decline funding.


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 Contact Information

2015-2016 Michigan STEM Education Grants Program
Central Michigan Science, Mathematics, Technology Center (SMTC)
EHS 132
Central Michigan University
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859
Office: 989-774-4387

David J. Proctor, Ph.D.
Program Director for STEM Education Grants
Cell: 570-478-0625

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