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Classroom Mediation

Most college classrooms are mediated in today's times, but the broad spectrum of functionality in the EHS Building's podiums make the following pieces of technology worth mentioning:​ ​ 
​​​​​​ ​​​
  • A touch-screen flat panel monitor that is the control center for multiple pieces of technology in the classroom. You can switch between technology in one second, and it doubles as a computer display. The software running the Crestrons was programmed by CMU's own Media Services department programmers.
  • A microphone designed to pick up the lecturer's voice so anybody can hear the lecturer speaking volume equally, and best of all, clearly.
  • A computer equipped with Windows 10 Operating System.
  • A visualizer with HD/Full Motion capabilities, 64x Zoom, Auto Focus, 30 frames per second camera for smooth motion display, and HDTV/Widescreen Compatible. ​​​​

  • Blu-ray Player allows instructors to play both DVD and blu-ray discs.
  • This is a flip top "hub" built into the top of the podium. These hubs have 1 Power Jack, 1 Ethernet Port, 1 Audio In Jack, 1 VGA-In Display Port, and a USB Plugin that plugs into the Mac Mini Computer. If a faculty member brings a flash drive to class, they can plug it into the USB plugin in the hub and show presentations or lecture notes from the Mac Mini. 
  • The HDMI, 3.5 mm audio in, VGA in and power plug are designed for staff, faculty, and students to plug in their personal laptops to share presentations, audio and video clips, and provide power and network capabilities to laptops (that might not have working batteries or wireless capabilities). The hub can be hidden into the podium when not in use to maximize space atop the podium. 
​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​ ​​​

 Podium Training & Assistance

​If you are a CMU Staff or Faculty member that might need training or assistance on how to use the podium, please see us in EHS 134 and schedule an appointment.

  • NOTE: If you are experiencing a problem with podium functionality (unable to login to the podium, projector issues, visualizer not displaying) then pick up the white phone built into the podium and it will contact you with Media Services.

    If you experience an issue with the computer plugged into the podium (will not let you login with global ID & password, will not boot, will not play a video, errors on the screen), come see us in EHS 134 or contact the CMU Help Desk at 989-774-3662 and place a work order. 

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