Our Technology

Our Technology in CEHS

The College of Education and Human Services building is home to a wide variety of technology. Room Wizards outside classrooms, Copy Cams above the whiteboards, iPods in students' hands, and other additional technologies listed below make teaching and learning in the EHS Building state-of-the-art.

iPod Touch in the Classroom Initiative
Integrating hand-held technology into education.  For the past few semesters students and faculty have been discovering how this technology can enhance the learning environment.  The devices are utilized in a number of ways during a lecture. Uses range from a professor asking students to access material on the Internet related to a class discussion to having them take a poll on a specific topic or question to gauge their comprehension of the material being discussed in a matter of seconds.

Room Wizards
Have you ever had a hard time finding your class, not sure when your class is, or want to know when a room is free for use? Room wizards are placed outside classrooms, seminar rooms, conference rooms, and study areas to show scheduled events that the room is booked for. Classes, with their designators and section numbers, are displayed on the outside of the room to show how long the class is there and to show times when the room is available after class. The room wizards can scroll through the full day's bookings so you can see upcoming events, classes, and conferences.

Copy Cams
High-contrast cameras that snap pictures of the whiteboards, making notes or lectures easier for saving and distribution.  You can access your captures from: http://copycam.cmich.edu/

Technology Equipment Rental
Technology we offer for rent to students, faculty, and staff.  Click the following link to see what is currently available and how to check the equipment out:  CEHS Equipment Rental

Group tables with built in TVs for collaboration and sharing content with classmates.

Digital Signage - Directory Displays
A form of electronic information and advertising displayed for the EHS College in EHS, Finch, and Wightman Hall.

Classroom Mediation
Classrooms have technology fully integrated for teaching; controlled by the touch of a finger

Walk Stations

Located within the student study areas on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the EHS building, the walk stations are a way of getting a work out while you surf the web. These treadmills have a built in table that raises and lowers to your specific comfortable height. The table is home to a Mac Mini computer and a 24" Widescreen display. Students can work on homework, watch YouTube or DVD videos, or just check Facebook while they work out.  The maximum speed of the treadmill is 2 MPH and the walk station are available to students during building business hours.

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