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​The College of Medicine presents the Diversity and Inclusion Podcast. Our objective is to provide updates about diversity and inclusion initiatives at the CMU College of Medicine, as well as opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to share unique perspectives.

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Episode One: What We've Experienced, and How It's Prepared Us
Guests: Dr. Jamie Alan, Dr. Jean Bailey & Aws Polina

Episode Two: New Year, New College of Medicine (Part One)
Guests: Lyman Mower & Manasvi Pinnamaneni

Episode Three: New Year, New College of Medicine (Part Two)
Guests: Georgette Russell, Dr. Rosemary Poku & Rita Asuquo

Episode Four: Health Disparities Across the Map
Guests: Carmen Avramut & Charmica Abinojar

Episode Five: Health Disparities Across the Map
Guest: Kristen Carrillo-Kappus

Episode Six: Myths and Stereotypes of LGBTQ Health
Guests: Jason LaFave & Sara Robinson

Episode Seven: Community Engagement in Healthcare
Guests: Lisa Hadden & April Osburn

Episode Eight: Cultural Competence and Becoming Well-Rounded
Guests: Jason Philippe & Rob Brown

Episode Nine: Addressing Discrimination in Everyday Life
Guests: Michele Reynolds & John Jervinsky

Episode Ten: Graduation!
Guests: Dr. Rachel Brown & Becca Bogin

Episode Eleven: Microaggressions and Privilege (Part One)
Guests: Jordan Killingsworth & Deven McCullers

Episode Twelve: Microaggressions and Privilege (Part Two)
Guests: Nadia Sion & Dr. John Clements

Episode Thirteen: Orientation into the World of Medicine
Guests: Derek Wolfe, Charmica Abinojar & Ann Neal

Episode Fourteen: Hispanic Heritage Month
Guests: Carla Cavalin

Episode Fifteen: Disabilities in Medicine
Guests: Lauren Stull & Natalie Hamilton

Episode Sixteen: Medical Simulation, Diversity, and Inclusion
Guests: Rachel Older & Jocelyn Steffke