Assistant Professor, Anatomy


(989) 774-4491

College of Medicine 2425
Central Michigan University
Mount Pleasant, MI 48859


Zachary Klukkert is an Assistant Professor of Anatomy in the Foundational Sciences department discipline of the CMU College of Medicine. Dr. Klukkert’s research explores the anatomical variation of primate jaws and teeth in a comparative and evolutionary context. This work involves the analyses of 3D shape and computer-aided simulations on CT-scanned models of primate skulls to identify important functional traits associated with mechanical challenges, i.e., during feeding, which then help to understand the ecological roles of extinct species from fossils. Dr. Klukkert’s paleontological fieldwork is concentrated inside the flooded caves of the Dominican Republic and Madagascar, where he and his team have collected the skeletal remains of recently-extinct primates and other fauna. Dr. Klukkert has published analyses of functional dental morphology and descriptions of newly-discovered fossils, he has presented at conferences around the country and in 2019 he was a co-founder and organizer for a special symposium on Caribbean Natural History at Johns Hopkins University. His work has been covered by Forbes Science and Outside Magazine, and he appeared in the PBS/Smithsonian documentary “When Whales Walked.” During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Klukkert served as a judge for the (newly online) Maryland History Day competition and has been a virtual-guest-speaker on topics of anatomy, evolution and exploration for groups of young students and families around the world.


  • Fellowship: Center for Functional Anatomy and Evolution, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
  • Graduate School: Ph.D. (Physical Anthropology) City University of New York Graduate Center