‚ÄčOffice of the Dean

Shannon Vautrin BrowneShannon Vautrin, MA
Special Assistant to the Dean, George E. Kikano, MD
Director of Special Projects, Governance and Administration

CMED 2405
Phone: 989-774-7870
Email: vautr1sm@cmich.edu

Alana FieldsAlana Fields
Administrative Assistant to the Dean, George E. Kikano, MD

CMED 2405
Phone: 989-774-7570
Email: field2a@cmich.edu

Office of Medical Education and Office of Research

Melanie ZalewskiMelanie Zalewski
Administrative Secretary

CMED 2405
Phone: 989-774-7170
Email: zalew2mm@cmich.edu

Provides support for:
Tina Thompson, PhD, Senior Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Edward McKee, PhD, Senior Associate Dean of Research


Jody MacGregorJody MacGregor
Executive Office Specialist

CMED South
Phone: 989-774-7882
Email: farre2ja@cmich.edu

Student Affairs/Financial Aid

Brittanie SewardBrittanie Seward
Executive Secretary

CMED 1401
Phone: 989-774-7880
Email: sewar1bl@cmich.edu

Student Affairs/Student Programs

Tracey Miret headshotTracey Miret
Administrative Secretary

CMED 1401
Phone: 989-774-4462
Email: miret1tl@cmich.edu

Healthcare IT/Facilities/Faculty and Staff Affairs

Angela StillwagonAngela Stillwagon
Executive Office Specialist

Health Professions 2265
Phone: 989-774-4457
Email: angela.stillwagon@cmich.edu

Assessment & Evaluation/Student Success

Ongria DowOngria Dow
Executive Office Specialist

CMED 2424
Phone: 989-774-7132
Email: dow1of@cmich.edu

Finance/Clinical Operations

Jayme MartinJayme Martin
Executive Secretary

CMED South
Phone: 989-774-3007
Email: marti6jl@cmich.edu

Communications/Interdisciplinary Center for Community Health and Wellness

Carolyn YordyCarolyn Yordy
Executive Office Specialist

Foust 117
Phone: 989-774-7871
Email: carolyn.yordy@cmich.edu