Knowledge Services Mobile Library Resources

​Mobile applications are available for many of the resources provided by the CMU Health Medical Library.  Some resources require you to set up a personal account – please follow the link provided for further information on creating your account.  If you have questions or need assistance, please stop by the library. 

Access: Mobile App & Web Browser
Supported devices: Apple iOS & Android

  1. Login or create your "My Access Profile" personal account 
  2. Download Mobile Application* or Open Web Browser

    Access: Web Browser
    Supported devices: Apple iOS & Android Tablets (Mobile Phones not supported)

    • Personal account is not required.
    • Most Anatomy.TV titles are published in flash based interface and not supported on Apple iOS mobile devices.
    • It is not possible to download the whole product to a mobile device.
    • Click here for direct access to Anatomy.TV (you may be required to enter your library card number).


    Access: Mobile App, Mobile & Remote Browser
    Supported Devices: Apple iOS & Android

    ClinicalKey mobile is designed to work on any phone, tablet or mobile device. The interface will adapt to your screen size.

    • Click here for direct access to ClinicalKey mobile (you may be required to enter your library card number).

    In addition to the adaptable mobile browser, ClinicalKey offers a downloadable mobile application.

    Setting up Remote Access:
    1. Go to on your mobile device
    2. Login to your personal account
    3. Once logged in, click your name and a drop-down will appear
    4. Click Remote Access and enter your e-mail (personal account e-mail must be, or
    5. An e-mail will be sent for activation
      • If you do not receive an e-mail check spam folder and then repeat process 1-4
      • If you get an expected error message your account is already authenticated, please sign-in to personal account via mobile application
    6. Open e-mail and click “Activate your remote access”
    7. Download mobile application (Apple iOS & Android) or if previously downloaded, please try logging out/in and/or removing/reinstalling
    8. Sign in with personal account on mobile application

    Mobile Access (App) Supported devices: iPhone, iPad and Android

    • Access is available to any library card holding member of the CMU Health Library.
    • Click here to be directed to our licensed subscription (you will be required to enter your Global ID).
    • In the top menu bar, select "Mobile"
    • Enter your e-mail address.
    • Follow the instructions provided.

    Mobile Access (App)
    Supported devices: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android

    • My EBSCOhost account is not required
    • From the library's web page, select CINAHL (located on the left )
    • At the bottom of the CINAHL page, click on the link "New: EBSCOhost iPhone and Android Applications "
    • A popup box will open requesting your e-mail. Enter your e-mail and select send.
    • Check your e-mail and follow the instructions provided.
    • The app needs to be re-authenticated after nine months
    • Refer to the EBSCOhost Mobile Help Sheet for more information


    Access: Mobile App & Remote Browser
    Supported Devices: Apple iOS & Android

    Registration Guidelines:
    • Free Epocrates mobile application (Apple iOS & Android) is available, but is limited in content.
    • For full Epocrates Plus database access, please contact Knowledge Services Medical Library on the Saginaw Campus by e-mail at or phone at 989-746-7577.
    • You will first need to create an Epocrates personal account, please visit our "Creating your Personal Accounts" webpage

    Access: Mobile App & Mobile Browser
    Supported Devices: Apple iOS & Android

    • Mobile site features multiple ways to search PubMed/MEDLINE: PICO (Patient, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome); ask MEDLINE, a free-text, natural language search; and Consensus Abstracts.
    • Mobile Website
    • PubMed for Handhelds (Apple iOS & Android)

    In order to save work in the mobile application, you must log in to your PubMed personal account

    R2Digital Library

    Access: Web Browser
    Supported Devices: Any web enabled device


    Access: Mobile App
    Supported devices: Apple iOS & Android

    • Login or create a “MySTAT!Ref” personal account
    • Activate Temporary Login Account from “MySTAT!Ref” Personal Account Set-up via desktop or laptop computer
      • Expires 3 months from activation
    • Go to mobile device, download the STAT!Ref application (Apple iOS & Android) and sign-in using personal account
    • More information about STAT!Ref.


    Mobile App & Remote Access
    Supported devices: Apple iOS & Android