‚ÄčThe Curriculum Committee is charged with the responsibility and authority to:

  • define and revise the structure and content of the undergraduate medical curriculum including both preclinical courses and clerkships and the goals, objectives, and assessments
  • approve the creating or removal of courses from the educational program
  • formulate and recommend policies regarding the educational program
  • define and revise structure and content of any joint degree programs and the goals, objectives, and assessments
  • approve proposed graduate programs subject to University policy and procedures
  • conduct regular reviews or courses, clerkships, and the curriculum as a whole
  • evaluate and/or analyze data about course or clerkship syllabi and teaching materials, student evaluations of a course or clerkship, and overall student performance in a course or clerkship
  • approve annual course/clerkship reports
  • approve major changes to the structure of the curriculum
  • approve major changes to the grading system for the assessment of student performance
Meetings are held monthly.

The committee forms subcommittees as required to address curricular needs.