‚ÄčStudent Handbook

Student Policies

2015-2016 HIV or HEP Occupational or Assigned Duties Accident Benefit
2015-2016 How to File a Medical Claim
Academic Standards for the MD Program
Academic Workload
Access to Student Educational Records
Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
Admissions Deferment
Assessment Monitoring Years 1-4
Attendance Years 1 and 2
Attendance Years 3 and 4
Criminal Background Checks
Deceleration-Extended Academic Program
Definition of Home Elective
Degree Completion Time
Duty Hours
Effects of Infectious-Environmental Disease or Disability on Educational Activities
Elective Rotations
Endorsed Volunteer Experiences
Enrollment in Concurrent Degrees
Exposure to Infectious and Environmental Hazards
Formative Assessment and Feedback
Leave of Absence
Medical Student Compliance with Health Requirements including Health Insurance Coverage
Medical Student Health Care
Medical Student Roles and Supervision
Mistreatment and Reporting Allegations of Mistreatment of Learners, Faculty and Staff 
Professional Presentation
Professionalism and Social Networking Policy
Prohibiting Faculty from Teaching Relatives
Request Access to Academic Records for Research Project 
Research Involving Medical Students
Residency Status
Residents as Teachers 
Review of Academic Records
Review of a Course or Clerkship Grade
Satisfactory Academic Progress
Standards of Conduct for Teacher-Learner Relationship 
School-Requested Mental Health Evaluation 
Student Key Fobs
Substance Use and Abuse
Supervision of Medical Student Documentation 
Technical Standards
Timing of Course Grades
Tuition Refund
USMLE Step 1
USMLE Step 2