The Praise or Concern Form is a mechanism by which students, faculty, and staff can anonymously report praises or concerns.

The College of Medicine will receive the messages via the Praise or Concern Form below. All messages will be anonymous. Those who do NOT wish to remain anonymous must complete the optional fields by filling in their name, email and/or phone number. All messages sent via the Praise or Concern Form are considered confidential and will be reviewed by a staff member from the Office of Medical Education who does not interact with students nor has involvement in their education. Once reviewed your praise/concern will be forwarded to the most appropriate office (e.g. Facilities, IT, OSA, OME, Deans Office) for consideration.

Please select the appropriate category for your praise/concern based on the definitions below.

  • Resources: Issues with accessibility and/or functionality of physical spaces, student services, and educational resources.
  • Critical Concerns: Major issues you want to bring forward directly to the College of Medicine Leadership.
  • Learning Environment: Concerns about behaviors within the learning environment that may negatively impact the ability to learn (mistreatment, disrespect, unprofessionalism, misconduct, insensitivity, etc.)
  • Praise: To highlight the contributions of exceptional individuals within the learning environment.

 Praise or Concern Form