Addressing Michigan's Most Pressing Public Health Concerns

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The CMU College of Medicine works with clinical and community partners as well as other public health organizations and influencers to address critical public health issues. Through our research and involvement in key public health initiatives, we're working to become a regional leader in public health engagement.

Key Impact Facts

  • 32,000 2019 CMU Health Medically Underserved Patient Visits
  • >25 Collaborating Community Partners
  • >20 Active Public Health Initiatives
  • Focused on Clinical and Public Health Research Important to the Region
  • Leadership of Mid-Central Area Health Education Center

The College partners with regional Health Departments, health care partners and other organizations to address challenges and advance community health and wellness. Our faculty, students, and residents lead research and targeted initiatives to address Michigan's most urgent public health concerns, including:

  • Opioid abuse
  • Suicide prevention and support
  • Women and infant health
  • Behavioral and mental health
  • Trauma-informed care
  • Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)
  • Supporting healthy aging
  • Physician burnout and suicide
The College of Medicine works collaboratively numerous external partner organizations to expand care capacity and positively impact quality of care and health care delivery in the region. These partnerships and collaborations include:
  • Michigan Health Improvement Alliance (MiHIA)
  • Transforming Health Regionally in a Vibrant Economy (THRIVE)
  • Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance
  • Great Lakes Bay Region Mental Health Partnership
  • Saginaw County Medical Society
  • Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe
  • Barb Smith Suicide Resource & Response Network
  • BlueWater Angels
  • Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
  • Saginaw County Health Department
  • The Dow Chemical Company

Clinical and public health projects are about more than just conducting research – they're about providing a service to the community. The College supports a number of small, regionally relevant public health research projects that are faculty-led and provide students with opportunities for community engagement and training in research. These projects align with our focus on increasing community awareness, preparing physicians who excel in providing evidence-based care and serving medically underserved populations. These projects include:

  • Opioid Abuse
  • Women and Infant Health
  • Disparities in Diabetic-induced Chronic Conditions in Michigan
  • Healthcare Barriers for People with Disabilities
  • Overcoming Barriers in HPB Vaccination
  • Increasing Vaccination Rates in Rural Michigan
  • Community Mental Health Awareness Project
  • Homeless Persons' Experience in healthcare: Insight and Inroads to Better Treatment
  • Minority Population End-of-life Decisions