About Brain Bee

Brain Bee is a competition for high school students to expand their knowledge and love for Neuroscience. Participants can study this material by using Brain Facts.org and Brain Facts Book. 2021 will mark Central Michigan University's 10th year hosting the Mid-Michigan Brain Bee competition. The winner of this competition will be eligible for the regional competition and possibly the international competition! On the day of the competition, participants will compete and also have the opportunity to tour our Neuroscience labs and get to talk to student researchers! There is no cost to compete.

What To Expect

The competition will start out with a timed multiple-choice test. The top scorers will be invited to move on and participate in an elimination. All the qualified students will be asked the same questions. All questions will be short answer (1-2 words or a short phrase). Students will have 15 seconds to write down their answer for each question. After the 15 seconds each student will display their answer. On the third wrong answer, students will be eliminated until one student remains.

Winning Prize

$800 toward travel costs (airfare, hotel, and registration) for the student and a guardian to attend the National Brain Bee competition.

If the winner cannot attend the National Brain bee, the prize money will go to the Second Place winner. In the event that the Second Place winner also cannot attend the National Brain Bee, the money will not be awarded.