Central Michigan University College of Medicine
6th Annual Medical Student Research Forum


The CMU College of Medicine Medical Student Research Forum serves to showcase the impressive research that is performed by our undergraduate medical students. This year we are excited to have received a total of thirty-one abstracts. These abstracts represent a broad spectrum of basic science disciplines, medical disciplines, population health, and case studies, which were completed at research sites within our own university as well as other institutions nationally.

Poster Presentations

All abstracts and corresponding poster presentations may be viewed within the following event program:

Research Forum 2021 Program Booklet

The abstracts and posters are sorted alphabetically by Submitting Author within this program. Submitting Authors’ email addresses are linked so that you can reach out with questions you may have regarding their research.

This event website will remain active for a few months so everyone has the chance to explore the work at your leisure.

Note: for the best viewing experience, please use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari web browsers. Alternatively, you may choose to download the posters for offline viewing with Adobe Reader.

Oral and Poster Presentations

Oral presentations took place live via WebEx on March 13 from 10:00 am - 12:30 pm. Visit the link below to view a recording of this event.

Research Forum 2021 Live Oral Presentations Schedule

Research Forum 2021 Recording of Live Oral Presentations

Award Winners

The poster judging for College of Medicine's 6th Annual Medical Student Research Forum has been completed. The judges were impressed by the quality of the posters and the work presented. We are delighted to announce the winners!

  • First place Basic and Translational Science Poster
    • Alexis Vicenzi, "MicroRNA 208a Regulates Mitochondrial Function", mentor Dr. Mariana Rosca
  • First place Population Health/Quality Improvement/Medical Education/Case Report Poster
    • Emily Smith, "Sexual coercion, intimate partner violence, and homicide: A scoping literature review", mentors Drs. Beth Bailey and Ariel Cascio
  • Second place Population Health/Quality Improvement/Medical Education/Case Poster
    • Danyoul Yamin, "Effective Nutritional Analyses as a Predictive Utility for Cardiac Recovery", mentors Drs. Jesse Bakke and Beth Bailey
The winners of the oral presentations were announced at the live WebEx event:
  • First place 
    • Brenda Varriano, "CMU-CARES: Crisis Preparedness Toolkit for Rural Older Adults Using a Modified Delphi Analysis", mentor Dr. Jyotsna Pandey
  • Second place 
    • Haley Kopkau, "Impact of in Utero Marijuana Exposure on Newborn Outcomes: How Timing of Use Affects Growth", mentor Dr. Beth Bailey
Congratulations to all!

Research Forum Planning Committee

Edward E. McKee, PhD, Senior Associate Dean of Research and Professor, College of Medicine, Central Michigan University
Neli Ragina, PhD, MSc, Associate Professor of Foundational Sciences/Director of Student and Resident Clinical Research, College of Medicine, Central Michigan University
Michael J. Conway, PhD, Associate Professor of Foundational Sciences, College of Medicine, Central Michigan University
Melanie Zalewski, Administrative Secretary, College of Medicine, Central Michigan University
Research in Medicine SIG

Thank you for your interest and participation in this event! If you have any questions, please contact CMEDResearch@cmich.edu

Disclaimer: The planners and presenters have no relevant financial relationship with commercial interests.