Greg Colores, PhD

Dr. Colores is primarily interested in answering microbiology questions such as “who is there?” and “what are they doing?”.

Cynthia Damer, PhD

Dr. Damer is a cell biologist who is studying a family of newly discovered proteins called copines.

Tracy Galarowicz, PhD

Dr. Galarowicz is a fisheries biologist who studies the relationship between fish and their environment.

Steven Gorsich, PhD

Dr. Gorsich is a cell biologist and geneticist who studies cellular stress tolerance using the budding yeast.

Phil Hertzler, PhD

Dr. Hertzler’s lab studies embryonic development in marine shrimp.

Stephen Juris, PhD

Dr. Juris’ research interests are focused on the biochemical and cell biological action of bacterial toxins that target the actin cytoskeleton.

Peter Kourtev, PhD

Dr. Kourtev is a microbiologist who studies microbial communities in various environments.

Scott McNaught, PhD

Dr. McNaught is a limnologist and aquatic ecologist.

Anna Monfils, PhD

Dr. Monfils is a plant systematist who conducts research on the pattern, and maintenance of diversity in flowering plants.

Stephen Roberts, PhD

Dr. Stephen Roberts uses insects to study important biological traits across many levels of biological organization.

Jennifer Schisa, PhD

Dr. Schisa is a geneticist studying how cells respond to aging and environmental stress.

Nancy Seefelt, PhD

During the summer field season, much of her work focuses on avian ecology, specifically the breeding biology of waterbirds (gulls, terns, herons and cormorants) and the stopover ecology of migrating songbirds.

Michelle Steinhilb, PhD

Dr. Steinhilb’s lab focuses on understanding the underlying causes of Alzheimer’s disease using the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster as a model system.

Daelyn Woolnough, PhD

Dr. Woolnough’s interests revolve around understanding the biological processes and mechanisms underlying spatial patterns.

Dave Zanatta, PhD

Dr. Zanatta’s lab focuses on evolutionary and ecological questions in aquatic systems.