• Mohammad I. Abu-Shams
    Faculty Advisor: Ishraq Shabib
    Graduate Student Project: IRRADIATION DAMAGE OF FE-10%CR STRUCTURES UNDER PRESSURE USING MD SIMULATION The objective of this work is to study the defects generation process for models of Fe-10%Cr under pressure using molecular dynamics (MD) simulation technique. Models of Fe-10%Cr have been built using a concentration dependent interatomic potential (CDM). The models have been stressed using three different types of applied pressures: uniaxial, biaxial, and hydrostatic. For each case, seven different pressure values between -10000 to +1,0000 bars have been tested under the application of PKA energy between 2-10 keV. The produced point defects have been identified using the Wigner-Seitz method. The number of produced point defects increases with increasing the primary knock-on-atom (PKA) energy in all cases. For models under biaxial and hydrostatic pressures, the produced point defects show a power relationship in both tension and compression regions. The Cr atoms energetically favor interstitials positions over vacancies positions. The percentage of Cr in interstitials positions is higher in all cases and more than the initial alloy matrix percentage.
  • Md Anam Mahmud
    Faculty Advisor: Ahmed Abdelgawad
    Graduate Student Project: Indoor robotic navigation using Kalman filter. I am using Kalman filter to improve the system accuracy.


    Abdelgawad, A.; Mahmud, A.; Yelamarthi, K., “Butterworth Filter Application for Structural Health Monitoring,” International Journal of Handheld Computing Research (IJHCR), vol. 7 no. 4, Oct-Dec 2016.

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  • James Hasbany
    Faculty Advisor: Waseem Haider
    Graduate Student Project: Corrosion, biocompatibility and material characterization analysis of degradable and non-degradable materials used for implant devices. Some of the materials will be developed using 3D printing. Surfaces will be modified via electropolishing, anodization, coatings and other surface treatments methods.
  • Sayedul Aman
    Faculty Advisor: Kumar Yelamarthi
    Graduate Student Project: Working on improvement of mobile robot localization techniques and obstacle avoidance algorithms. Applying sensor fusion for local data collection and using Raspberry pi as the processor.
  • Nitish Kumar Vaja
    Faculty Advisor: Oumar Barry
    Graduate Student Project: The Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of an Asymmetric Stockbridge Damper (device used for controlling Aeolian vibration of overhead transmission lines), efficiency of Stockbridge dampers is improved by modifying the material and geometry properties using Dynamic Modeling and Analysis.


    Barry, O., Tanbour, E., Vaja , N., & Tanbour H. (2016) Asymmetric Aeolian Vibration Damper. US Patent Filing # 15/497,688

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  • Mohammad Bukhari
    Faculty Advisor: Oumar Barry
    Graduate Student Project: Vibration analysis of Overhead Transmission Lines: The Effect of Nonlinearity and Moving Absorber.


    Bukhari, M., & Barry O.(2017) Nonlinear Vibration Analysis of Overhead Powerlines: a Beam with Mass-Spring-Damper-Mass System. Accepted Journal of Vibration and Acoustics

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