• Md Anam Mahmud
    Faculty Advisor: Ahmed Abdelgawad
    Graduate Student Project: Indoor robotic navigation using Kalman filter. I am using Kalman filter to improve the system accuracy.
  • James Hasbany
    Faculty Advisor: Waseem Haider
    Graduate Student Project: Corrosion, biocompatibility and material characterization analysis of degradable and non-degradable materials used for implant devices. Some of the materials will be developed using 3D printing. Surfaces will be modified via electropolishing, anodization, coatings and other surface treatments methods.
  • Sayedul Aman
    Faculty Advisor: Kumar Yelamarthi
    Graduate Student Project: Working on improvement of mobile robot localization techniques and obstacle avoidance algorithms. Applying sensor fusion for local data collection and using Raspberry pi as the processor.
  • Nitish Kumar Vaja
    Faculty Advisor: Oumar Barry
    Graduate Student Project: The Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of an Asymmetric Stockbridge Damper (device used for controlling Aeolian vibration of overhead transmission lines), efficiency of Stockbridge dampers is improved by modifying the material and geometry properties using Dynamic Modeling and Analysis.