​The Master of Science in Engineering program at CMU builds upon the existing strengths of the School of Engineering and Technology.  With your MS in Engineering from CMU you will be better prepared:

  • For a higher level job in industry, particularly those in research in development
  • To enter engineering graduate programs at any competitive university
  • For high level doctoral programs by further developing your engineering skills​
The MS in Engineering degree at CMU requires 24 hours of course work, 6 hours of research, and a successfully defended MS thesis.

Students pursuing a MS in Engineering degree are required to meet with an engineering advisor during the first semester of attendance at CMU.

MS in Engineering majors are required to meet with their engineering advisor each semester to ensure students select appropriate courses to facilitate their progress through the program.  Registration is not allowed until after this meeting.  Prerequisites are strictly enforced for all engineering classes.

Deadline to be admitted for the Fall semester is March 1st.  Late applicants will be​ considered without the guarantee of assistantship.  Graduate assistantships will be provided on a competitive basis.

Accelerated MS in Engineering: Up to 9 credit hours can be double counted from appropriate undergraduate courses for an accelerated MS in Engineering Program at CMU.

Admission Requirements

Program quality is emphasized by requiring students to meet the following criteria:

  • Accepting only students with:
    • 3.3 GPA (conditional admission between GPA 3.0 and 3.3) and 720/156+ GRE quantitative for minimum admission
    • 563/223/84+ TOEFL & IELTS 6.5+ for international students
    • Strong reference letters and a statement of purpose by the applicant
  • Students must have completed an undergraduate ABET-accredited engineering degree.  Students who have degrees from a non-ABET accredited school, or have an undergraduate degree in a different discipline, must show an average GPA of 3.3 in the following classes (or equivalent) to be admitted for the MS in Engineering degree:
    • Science (13 credit hours)
    • CHM 131, PHY 145, PHY 146, PHY 175
    • Math (11 credit hours)
    • MTH 132, MTH 133, MTH 232
    • Engineering (15 credit hours)
    • EGR 251, EGR 253, EGR 255, EGR 3​56, and EGR 358; or EGR 190, EGR 290, EGR 298, EGR 391, and EGR 396
If needed, you may be required to pass an entrance exam to show competency in the above subjects.

Retention & Termination Standards

In order to remain in the MS in Engineering program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must select courses in consultation with an engineering advisor.
  • You may not take courses required for this degree Credit/No Credit (except for EGR 798)
  • At least 24 credits must be taken at CMU to graduate with this degree
  • If a student does not continue to meet the retention standards, he/she may be asked to withdraw.  The School of Engineering maintains the right to terminate a student if he/she is not progressing satisfactorily.
  • Students not meeting degree requirements by the end of the 4th year will be terminated.

Required Courses I (6 hours):

  * Click any course for a more detailed description

Required Courses II (6-15 hours):

* Click any course for a more detailed description

6-15 credit hours selected in consultation with the student's advisor and advisory committee​.

Required Courses III (3 hours):

* Click any course for a more detailed description

             *Note: Must be taken 3 times

Elective Courses (0-9 hours):

  • Graduate courses approved by Advisor and School Director.

Thesis (6 hours): 

*Click any course for a more detailed description

          *Total: 30 semester hours​

Other courses will be offered for graduate students only are Seminar, Directed Research, Special Topics (as merit is established), and Thesis.  This is carefully done to make sure that faculty members will have an increased emphasis on research, yet reasonably loaded for teaching courses.
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To learn more about graduate admission at CMU, please contact:

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For more information about the Master of Science in Engineering program at CMU, please contact:

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