Brian DeJong
School of Engineering & Technology
Robotics, Statics, System Dynamics
ET Building 100

Dr. DeJong is a member of the:
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • American Society of Engineering Education
  • Passed the FE exam for the State of Michigan

Honors and Awards

  • Highly Commended Paper Award, Industrial Robot, 2007
  • Walter P. Murphy Fellow​ship, Northwestern University, 2001-2002
  • Honors Graduate, Calvin College, 2001
  • Dean’s List, Calvin College, 1997-2001
  • Presidential Scholarship, Calvin College, 1997-2001


  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University, 2007
  • M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University, 2003
  • B.S., Engineering, Mechanical Concentration, International, Calvin College, 2001

Professional Interests

  • Robotics - Sound Location
  • Mobile Robots
  • Human Robot Interaction
  • Teleoperation
  • Haptics

Teaching Areas

  • Vibrations
  • Statics
  • System Dynamics
  • Controls
  • Introduction to Engineering


  • DeJong, B. P., Faulring, E. L., Colgate, J. E., Peshkin, M. A., Kang, H., Park, Y. S., and Ewing, T. F. “Lessons Learned from an Internet Teleoperation Testbed,” invited submission to Industrial Robots, 33(3): 187-193, 2006. Winner of Highly Commended Paper Award
  • Park, Y. S., Kang, H., Ewing, T. F., Faulring, E. L., DeJong, B. P., Peshkin, M. A., and Colgate, J. E. “Semiautonomous Telerobotic Manipulation: A Viable Approach for Space Structure Deployment and Maintenance,” Proceedings of Space Technology and Applications International Forum, New Orleans, February 2005
  • DeJong, B. P., Colgate, J. E., and Peshkin, M. A. “Improving Teleoperation: Reducing Mental Rotations and Translations,” (an industrial approach), American Nuclear Society 10th International Conference on Robotics and Remote Systems for Hazardous Environments, Gainesville, Florida, March 2004
  • DeJong, B. P., Colgate, J. E. and Peshkin, M. A. “Improving Teleoperation: Reducing Mental Rotations and Translations,” (an academic approach), Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, New Orleans, April 2004
  • "Improving Teleoperation” - Invited Lecturer, Argonne National Laboratory, September 2003