Yousef Haseli
Assistant Professor
School of Engineering & Technology
Advanced Energy Systems, Thermodynamics, Clean Energy/Fuel Production
ET Building 100

​Yousef Haseli is an Assistant Professor at the School of Engineering and Technology, Central Michigan University. He has conducted research on various subjects in the field of thermofluids and energy sciences for over a decade and has the experience of working with renowned scientists at some of the world’s top universities. He received a PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands, followed by a postdoctoral position at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Dr. Haseli has presented his research findings in numerous international conferences. He is a recipient of several awards, the most distinguished one being the Academic Gold Medal Award of the Governor General of Canada. His research interests include thermochemical conversion of biomass (torrefaction, gasification, pyrolysis), advanced energy conversion systems, clean energy and fuel production, two-phase/reactive flows, and engineering thermodynamics. Dr. Haseli’s research activities have led to one US patent, two books, and over 30 journal articles. He has served as a reviewer for 19 international journals.


  • Post Doc., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Ph.D., Eindoven University of Technology, Netherlands


  • Thermodynamics
  • Heat Transfer
  • Applied Fluid Mechanics
  • Dynamics
  • Mechanics of Materials


  • Haseli Y. Simplified model of torrefaction-grinding process integrated with a power plant, Fuel Processing Technology 188: 118-128 (2019).
  • Haseli Y. Criteria for chemical equilibrium with application to methane steam reforming, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 44: 5766-5772 (2019).
  • Haseli Y. Efficiency improvement of thermal power plants through specific entropy generation, Energy Conversion and Management 159: 109-120 (2018).
  • Haseli Y. Efficiency of irreversible Brayton cycles at minimum entropy generation, Applied Mathematical Modelling 40: 8366-8376 (2016).
  • Haseli Y., van Oijen J. A., de Goey L. P. H. A detailed one-dimensional model of combustion of a woody biomass particle, Bioresource Technology 102: 9772-9782 (2011).
  • Haseli Y., van Oijen J. A., de Goey L. P. H. Modeling biomass particle pyrolysis with temperature dependent heat of reactions, Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis 90: 140-154 (2011).