​Top Honors for CMU's Fermentation Science Program

Colleges and Universities with brewing courses were invited to compete in the U.S. Open College Beer Championship for the first time with the purpose of identifying the top future brewers in North America. 

At the end of this year's competition, CMU's Fermentation Science program was named the 2nd best Brewing School in North America behind only the Niagara College Teaching Brewery in Canada, earning a medal in each category entered.

  • 2nd Place in the IPA Category
  • 2nd Place in the German Pilsner Category
  • 1st Place in the Imperial Stout Category
  • 3rd Place in the Open Category

Learn more about the U.S. Open College Beer Championship at their website HERE​

CMU's certificate program in fermentation science, the first of its kind in Michigan and the sixth such program in the United States, is expected to appeal to students both in and outside the sciences as well as to brewery employees looking to advance their careers. Those who take the program would be prepared for a career in the brewing industry as well as industry wide certification tests.