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Fermentation Science @ CMU

The certificate in Fermentation Science program at CMU is a 16 credit program designed to be completed in one year. The program is open to both degree seeking and non-degree seeking students who have been accepted to CMU. Two local businesses, Mountain Town Brewing Co. and Hunter's Ale House, are key partners in the Fermentation Science Program.

Program changes increase student access to the Fermentation Science Certificate

The College of Science & Engineering has made it easier for both degree-seeking and non-degree-seeking students to participate in the Fermentation Science certificate program.

  • Students who have the chemistry and biology prerequisites can now self-register for the first two courses of the program that are offered in the fall semester: SCI 320 Fundamentals of Fermentation Science and SCI 321 Analyses of Fermentation
  • Students no longer need to be 21 to take the first two courses.
  • Students WILL need to be 21 years old to take the courses offered in the spring, SCI 322 Applied Fermentation Science and SCI 323 Brewery Facilities and Operations. These courses include tours of local breweries and applying the science that was learned in the introductory courses working in the brewery which require students to be 21 or older

​Program Schedule

  • Fall Semester
    SCI 320: Fundamentals of Fermentation Sciences
    SCI 321: Analyses of Fermentation
  • Spring Semester
    SCI 322: Applied Fermentation Science
    SCI 323: Brewery Facilities and Operations
  • Summer Semester
    SCI 420: Internship in Fermentation Science

​Apply to the Fermentation Science Program